12 Corporate Tattoo Designs for Brand Enthusiasts

Have you ever wanted to become a real-life walking and talking billboard for your favorite corporation? If the thought has never crossed your mind, you may be in the minority of tattoo enthusiasts. Tons of people around the world get tattoo designs of their favorite corporate logos, mascots, brand imagery and vintage advertising inked on their bodies to express their love of certain products. You may think that these people are crazy, but they are representing what capitalism is all about. With their own money, they get to purchase whatever products they want to choose. And then again with their own money, they get the choice to ink themselves with their favorite brands. These people are exercising their right to the free market, although some may be taking themselves out of it due to no employers wanting to hire them with these weird tattoos. Check out these 12 corporate tattoo designs for a glimpse into this growing trend.

Pepsi Tattoo Design

The above corporate tattoo design features WWE Superstar CM Punk in all of his straight-edge glory. He does not drink or do drugs, but he loves the taste of Pepsi. He loves it so much that he shows off his adoration for it on his bicep and gives the Pepsi Cola company free advertising every time he steps into the ring and is broadcast to millions of people watching at home.

cm punk tattoo design Pepsi

Best Buy Tattoo Design

Consumer electronics have one of the most loyal fanbases in the world. You will always have people arguing about Xbox and Playstation or Samsung and Apple, but you never really hear about people feeling strongly about where they purchase their gadgets. Fortunately, some people ink themselves with the Best Buy tattoo designs to remind us all where to get the gizmos we need.

Best Buy Best Buy

Coca Cola Tattoo Design

Coca Cola is one of the most prominent and storied advertisers in the history of the industry. The die-hard Coca Cola fanbase is keeping this tradition going by showing off their love for the brand with all kinds of tattoos in the classic cool font that Coca Cola has made iconic.

Coca Cola Coca Cola

Wal-Mart Tattoo Designs

If you’ve ever seen the “People of Wal-Mart” meme, you’ll understand that the retail giant is not known for its clientele who regularly read publications like “The New Yorker.” But this lower back tattoo takes the stigma a step further, and what makes it extra creepy is that it is on a guy.

Wal-Mart Wal-Mart

Google Tattoo Designs

Google is the king of search, and you’ll know where to find a huge fan of the company by looking for tattoo designs somewhere on their body.

The Burger King Tattoo Design

Do you remember those Burger King commercials with the creepy guy in a king mask? Most of us want to forget them, but this guy thinks that the mascot should live on forever in the form of an upper back tattoo.

Burger King The Burger King

Zune Tattoo Design

The Zune was Microsoft’s attempt to get in on the popularity of the iPhone and other MP3 players in the middle of the 2000’s. Unfortunately, the product never caught on and Microsoft stopped production. This man didn’t understand why everyone liked the iPhone so much more and decided to get the Zune symbol on his arm to show his love for the product.

Zune Zune


GoldenPalace.com is an online gambling website that has done some crazy stunts and absurd product placement deals to promote its business. One of the most extreme cases is paying people, like this guy, to get the URL of the site tattooed on their heads.

GoldenPalace GoldenPalace.com

Mozilla Firefox Tattoo Designs

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most beloved web browsers in the world, and is used by people who demand just a little bit more out of their Internet experience. Their mascot, which features an orange fox wrapped around an image of a globe, is proudly displayed as a tattoo design by people who strive for a more open and informative world wide web.

Apple Tattoo Design

Apple now has a super slick image that is rivaled by no other tech company in the world. Before they became super slick, they sported cool retro graphics and fonts like the one above that make for awesome tattoo designs for brand enthusiasts.

Apple Apple

McDonald’s Tattoo Design

Next to Coca Cola, McDonald’s has created some of the most iconic advertising of all time. One of their greatest accomplishments was creating Ronald McDonald and a whole slew of imaginary characters who live inside of their own fast food universe. This person loved the idea of the Ronald McDonald universe so much that he got a chest tattoo with all of its different members.

McDonald's McDonald’s

Taco Bell Tattoo Designs

Finger tattoo designs are a great idea if you have a two word phrase with 4 letters apiece. They are an even better idea if you are a fan of tacos, burritos and other Tex-Mex inspired creations that your local Taco Bell likes to cook up for you at 2:00 am after a night of heavy drinking.

Taco Bell Taco Bell

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