12 Amazing Summer Destinations

Summer is almost here! School is out, and now families are finally going to be able to take that well deserved vacation! Not sure where to go? Well, here are some of the most beautiful summer vacation destinations in the world that everyone in the family will love and really enjoy!

Once you get done looking at all of these amazing summer vacation destinations, you’ll be packing your bags and booking those flights so fast your hands burn! Get ready to check out these pictures of the best places for you to go on your summer vacation, scroll down now to check out the list of 12 popular summer destinations.

The United States Virgin Islands

A territory of the United States, visitors just need a passport to enter, and once on this gorgeous island paradise, you and your family will have places to shop and a beautiful beach to play on and soak up the sun!

Virgin IslandsVirgin Islands


This major city in British Columbia is known to be an outdoor person’s paradise. There is plenty to do and explore in Vancouver, but if you and your family would rather explore the shops and festivals, you can do that instead and still have a great time!


The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona, and visitors have options to explore the big canyon either on the back of a mule or just walk around on their own. To get the best view of it, there is a glass walkway that can really let visitors see the canyon in the most unique way possible.

Grand CanyonGrand Canyon


What can possibly be said about the most romantic city in the whole entire world? Paris is the home of the famous Eiffel Tower, but visiting this famous super structure is just one of many things a family can do while visiting France. Paris has great attractions, great shopping, and promises to be the most memorable summer vacation trip ever.



London is the most famous city in the United Kingdom, and it attracts millions of tourists every year. For a family trip, there is no shortage of things to do whether it is checking out Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, or going to many of the museums that London has, but either way, London is an amazing city to visit!


San Diego

While San Diego is now famous as the home of the San Diego Comic Con, it was well-known before that for things like the San Diego Zoo. This enormous amazing zoo is so big that there is a tour bus that goes through it, but be sure you have your camera handy to see animals in their natural habitats.

San DiegoSan Diego

Washington DC

Washington DC is the home of democracy, and for a family that wants a fun time then it is also a great place to go for things like shopping, and of course, the famous monuments. People can take a walking tour to see the monuments, and also get a chance to take a photo of the most famosu house in the world, the White House where the President of the United States lives.

Washington DCWashington DC


A family that truly wants an exotic place to go should check out the beautiful country of Greece. Athens, Greece is very old, and it has remnants of the past that are fascinating to see and experience.



Florida is known as the land of beaches and oranges, and for families that want fun in the sun, Miami is the best place to go. After the sun goes down, Miami has a lot of nightlife like clubs to dance in and beach parties.


New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for its French Quarter, and is also the home of cajun cooking like alligator and deep fried frog’s legs. There are many unique shops on Bourbon Street to explore and even get your fortune told.

New OrleansNew Orleans


Orlando, Florida is the home to Walt Disney World, but that is not the only theme park in this beach city. Orlando also also has Universal Studios, and a Sea World. A family can spend the time in Orlando exploring the theme parks, and then they can hit the beach and do some surfing and swimming.


San Antonio

Located in Texas, San Antonio is the home of the famous Alamo, where men died in the name of freedom. The Alamo is a popular attraction to see in San Antonio, but there is also the famous Riverwalk that features shops along the San Antonio River.

San AntonioSan Antonio

So, what do you think? Excited about summer vacation now? If you liked all of these amazing summer vacation destinations, don’t be shy! Leave us a comment below, and here are three more fun posts to check out!

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