11 Short Haircuts for Women Who Live on the Edge

Many women refer short haircuts because they’re easy to take care of. Simple as that. Just wash and go on most days. Of course, a little extra time is really all that’s needed to style short hairstyles too, unlike some long hairstyles, which can take forever to dry and style! Not only are short haircuts easy to maintain, they’re also great for nearly any hair type and face shape!

Unfortunately, many women shy away from short haircuts for a few reasons. The most prominent reason being that they think short haircuts aren’t as feminine as their long flowing counterparts.

The good news is that short haircuts for women don’t have to be masculine looking at all! In fact, short haircuts for women can be quite cute and feminine. But, if you’re an edgy chick, there are short haircuts to fit your style too!

These edgy short haircuts for women are perfect examples of this

1. Short Blond Mohawk for Women

If you’re looking for really edgy short haircuts for women, this short blond mohawk for women is just the thing! Actually, it’s more of a “fauxhawk”, but I digress! The layers on top are left long, so they can be spiked up, but they could also be styled down on those days that a mohawk just won’t do.

Short Haircuts 1Inspiration Luv

2. Graduated Bob Haircut

This graduated bob is a little longer than some of the other short haircuts for women on this list, but it’s still pretty short if you’re used to long tresses. The front layers around the face are left long, and the hair is angled sharply upward toward the back, which also has stacking layers. It’s definitely got an edgy punk rock feel to it!

short haircuts 2Inspiration Luv

3. Choppy Pixie Haircut

There’s so much you can do with short pixie haircuts for women, and this is no exception! These short haircuts for women are perfect for wash and go styles, but a little pomade can turn this type of haircut into lots of different funky short hairstyles!

short haircuts 3Short-haircut.com

4. Victoria Beckham Blond Bob Haircut (AKA The “Pob”)

No list of edgy short haircuts for women would be complete without the blond bob, made popular by former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham! In fact, she is so well known for her haircut, this particular style has recently become known as a “pob”. Why? Posh Spice + Bob = Pob — makes perfect sense!

short haircuts 4Hubpages

5. Choppy Layered Bob Haircut

Layered shorthaircuts for women can be cute and cuddly or sexy and sassy, depending on how you style them. The choppy layered bob pictured below is definitely in sassy mode, most likely due to a little pomade and piecing.

short haircuts 5Short-haircut.com

6. Short Sexy Gray Haircuts for Women

The sexy and sassy short haircuts for women aren’t restricted to 20-somethings either! This short gray haircut looks smashing!

short haircuts 6Short-haircut.com

7. Short Bob With Purple Highlights

One of these days, I will dye my hair purple! This short hairstyle with purple highlights in the bangs just makes me want to do it sooner!

short haircuts 7Brit.co

8. Short Haircut With Side Bangs 

The flirty sideswept bangs in this short haircut accentuate the face and draw attention to the eyes. It also looks suer easy to take care of with a little spunkiness!

short haircuts 8Short-haircut.com

9. Spikey Short Haircuts for Women

This modern take on a classic pixie cut is definitely edgy! The layers on top are left a little longer, and they can be spiked for a funky rockstar look.

short haircuts 9Marhl.si

10. Long Layered Pixie Cut

Another modern take on the pixie cut leaves the hair a tad longer, with stacked layers in the back. This look would be a great option for women with thick hair looking for short haircuts!

short haircuts 10WomenHairstyleClub.com

11. Short Curly Haircuts

There are short haircuts for women with curly locks too! Short haircuts for curly hair, though, should be left a little longer than if the hair was straight to prevent frizzing.

Short haircuts for womenTheGamez.net

Don’t be afraid of short haircuts for women! As these short haircuts have shown here, short hair on women can be ultra feminine and super edgy at the same time! Before taking the plunge to short hair, take a look at several different short haircuts for women. With the help of your stylist, you should be able to find a cut that’s perfect for your hair type, face shape, and style.

Did you like these short haircuts for women? Check out these short hairstyles for job interviews and short hairstyles with bangs! Still not sold on the idea of short haircuts for women? Take a look at our 7 reasons to try short hair and 10 reasons short hairstyles are the best!

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