11 Radiant Rainbow Pictures

When there’s a storm, everyone loves the rain, and the most fun part of the rain is when it’s over because everyone hopes that they can see a rainbow. However, sometimes there are circumstances that prevent a rainbow from forming, but that’s okay because we have found 11 Radiant Rainbows that will show you that extra special event that happens after the rain is gone.

Are you ready to start chasing rainbows and looking for pots of gold? Well then get ready to go hunting for gold, and all you have to do is scroll down to begin!

Alaska Rainbow

Alaska is known for its wild country and lot of snow and ice in the winter, but it can also be a magical place where rainbows can happen like this picture from Alaska.

Alaska RainbowAlaska Rainbow

Foggy Mountain Rainbow

It may be hard to spot, but there might actually be a second rainbow in this gorgeous foggy mountain. A storm is about to occur, and the combination of the sun and moisture made this incredible picture.

Foggy Mountain RainbowFoggy Mountain Rainbow

Foggy Rainbow

Sometimes a rainbow can form in the middle of the sky without there being a storm happening, and this picture shows a rainbow that just appears out of nowhere.

Foggy RainbowFoggy Rainbow

Girl Holding Rainbow

This young lady is standing in just the right place to create an amazing illusion that looks like she has the power to create rainbows from the palm of her hand! Another way you can see this is to think that the girl caught the rainbow as it was coming down from the sky.

Girl Holding RainbowGirl Holding Rainbow

Mountain with Rainbow

This is a real picture of a rainbow with a mountain range, but with the colors and the light it almost looks like someone made it. Isn’t Mother Nature amazing to create such a beautiful and special picture?

Mountain with RainbowMountain with Rainbow

Ocean Rainbow

You never know where a rainbow can appear, and this picture captured a rainbow that appeared in the middle of the ocean.

Ocean RainbowOcean Rainbow

Rainbow in Field

This beautiful flat green field is the perfect setting for a rainbow to appear. The field is such a dark green color that it really makes the colors of the rainbow stand out.

Rainbow in FieldRainbow in Field

Rainbow Hill

What a perfect rainbow picture with the rainbow and the field. The sharp curve of the rainbow right over the lush rolling hill is absolutely perfect.

Rainbow HillRainbow Hill

Rainbow Over Water

It may be hard to see the water in this picture, but it is there. The rainbow looks like it is going into the side of the hill, which makes one wonder, if they were standing on that hill, could they jump through the rainbow?

Rainbow Over WaterRainbow Over Water

Rainbow Picture

Sometimes lightning can be so powerful that it can split the sky, but this rainbow looks like it is splitting the sky as well. Can you see the dark and the light sides of the sky on either side of the rainbow?

Rainbow PictureRainbow Picture

Rainbow With Clouds

A lot of little kids draw rainbows with clouds, and this picture is exactly what is drawn with the nice white fluffy clouds and the bright and colorful rainbow.

Rainbow With CloudsRainbow With Clouds

So, what did you all think of these rainbows? Are you ready to go hunting for that pot of gold? If you are now ready to go chase rainbows, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below so let’s get started!

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