13 More Mind Blowing Nail Designs

The lasts list we did that were “nail design oriented” did so well and were so popular that we decided it was about time that we give you 13 More Mind Blowing Nail Designs. We had a lot of fun putting this list together for everyone and hope that you enjoy checking it out as much as we enjoyed doing it. You’ll find a good variety of nail designs within this list from fun, good humored nail designs to edgy but captivating nail designs. You’ll also find nail designs that are great regardless of what time of the year it is (with the exception of the Halloween Nail Design) and nails that will look good on anyone that rocks them out! Yeah, these nails are really that cool.

So, without further delay, we invite you to grab on to your mouse, scroll down the page, and find out which nail design you’ll be going after the very next time you go to have your nails done. It might cost you a decent amount of money to obtain one of these designs but in our eyes, it’s money well spent. You’ll turn a few heads, garner a few compliments, and will end up being the talk of the town. In other words, your lady friends will envy your nails!

Pink Nail Design

This pink nail design isn’t too much but has just enough flash!

pink nail design
Pink Nails

Zebra Nail Design

If you want to unleash your inner animal, try this zebra nail design!

zebra nail design
Zebra Nails

Hello Kitty Nail Design

Hello Kitty is amazingly popular and so are nail designs like this!

hello kitty nails
Hello Kitty Nails

Lips Nail Design

Pucker up with this lips nail design. We love it!

lips nail design
Lips Nails

Blue Tipped Nail Design

If you want something simple but blue, this could be the nail design for you!

blue tipped nails
Forearm Tattoo

Pink Sparkles Nail Design

Pink and sparkles goes together great on nails!

pink sparkles nails
Sparkled Nails

Panda Bear Nail Design

Like Panda Bears? Then you’ll love these nails!

panda bear nails
Panda Nails

Halloween Nail Design

Ready for some spooky nails? Try these!

halloween nails
Halloween Nails

Cheetah Nail Designs

Not really into the Zebra Nails? Try this Cheetah Nail Design instead!

cheetah nails
Cheetah Nails

Gold Nail Design

Gold is better than diamonds. Take these nails for example!

gold nail design
Gold Nails

Stained Glass Nail Design

Go with something truly unique like these Stained Glass Nails!

stained glass nails
Stained Glass Nails

Pikachu Nail Design

Pikachu Nails, we choose you!

pikachu nails
Pikachua Nails

Simpsons Nail Design

Love The Simpsons? If so, you’ll love these nails!

simpsons nails
Simpsons Nails

So, what did you think? Were you as blown away by these cool nail designs? We certainly hope so! If not, don’t worry though. We have plenty of other lists that will put you in touch with some really great nail ideas. Whether or not your local salon can pull it off is another thing but we’re sure you’ll be able to find someone that can hook you up. Now, get out there and get those nails done. The longer you wait, the more you’re going to anticipate it.

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