11 Gossamer Wings Nail Art Designs

Sick and tired of the same old nail art designs? If you’re looking for something new and unique, it might be time to try some wings nail art designs!

Wings nails try to duplicate some of the most delicate, yet powerful, creations of Mother Nature. Butterfly and bird wings are both very fine and fragile, yet they are strong enough to keep these creatures aloft in the air. They’re also very exquisite and beautiful and come in a rainbow of colors. Butterfly wings may even have a little sparkle in them, making them even more alluring.

Nail artists can use any color to create wings nail art. From black to white and everything in between, there are wings in just about every shade of the rainbow. Glitter and shimmer polishes can also be used to add a little sparkle.

Still not sure where to start? Get a little inspiration or your own wings nail art from the images below!

Monarch Butterfly Wing Nail Art

One of the most common wing nail art designs is the monarch butterfly wing nails. Orange is the classic color for these nails, but as you can see, they look striking in all different colors!

wings nail artImage Source

Simple Wings on Natural Nails

These simple black wings on natural nails are glammed up with a chunky blue glitter polish on the other fingers.

wings nail artImage Source

Purple Wing Nail Art

Classic black nail art adorns pretty purple nails and glitter polish.

wings nail artImage Source

Tattoo Wings Nail Art

This pretty red heart and black wing nail art is reminiscent of a classic tattoo.

wings nail artImage Source

Flying Heart With Wings Nail Art

Another wings nail art design with hearts, this time with a small design on each nail.

wings nail artImage Source

Angel Wings Nail Art in the Sky

These white and silver wings nails are super sweet, just like angel wings, and the blue sky and clouds detail adds a nice finishing touch.

wings nail artImage Source

Feather Nail Art Design

All of these feathers together probably make a wing. Close enough to wings nail art?

wings nail artImage Source

Purple and Silver Wings Nail Art

Sparkly silver and purple wings nail art are simple yet still super cute!

wings nail artImage Source

Pink Butterfly Wings Nail Art

This pink and black wings nail art design is topped off with rhinestones and a fun butterfly detail.

wings nail artImage Source

French Tip Wings Nail Art

Dress up some traditional French tips with some purple and pink wings nail art.

wings nail art 10.jpgImage Source

Purple Scalloped Wings Nail Art Design

Scalloped purple, black, and white wings nails are striking and unique, perfect for a spring or summer nail art design.

wings nail artImage Source

Whether you model your wings nail art after butterflies or birds, you’re sure to have a winner on your hands! Hopefully you’ve gotten a few great ideas for wing nails from these examples. All that’s left to do is create your own wing nail art!

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