10 Stupendously Striped Nail Designs

When it comes to doing the nails, a lot of women go for a look that is both stylish and fun, and what could be more fun than doing their nails in stripes? Some women may find stripes on nails boring, but we have found 10 Stupendously Striped Nail Designs that are sure to change any woman’s mind about painting stripes on her nails.

We promise that you all are going to love these nails, and once you get done looking at this list, you’ll have a new appreciation for just how awesome stripes can be when you use the right colors and styles! Okay, enough of our talking, are you ready to check out the list of striped nails? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Black and White Striped Nails

Who says black and white cannot go great together? These nails combine black and white in a way that is so much fun because it looks like the old time movies with people in jail wearing black and white stripes!

Black and White Striped NailsBlack and White Striped Nails

Pink and White Striped Nails

When you combine pink and white together, they look a lot like candy, but maybe that is what the women who painted her nails like this was going for!

Pink and White Striped NailsPink and White Striped Nails

Black Nails with Rainbow Stripes

These nails are so cool with the black nail polish and rainbow stripes, who says that you cannot have a great time looking modern and hip?

Black Nails with Rainbow StripesBlack Nails with Rainbow Stripes

White Nails with Blue Stripes

White nails do not have to be stop any women from having stripes, especially if you just add some blue stripes to the nails, and you have turned those boring nails into something really cool.

White Nails with Blue StripesWhite Nails with Blue Stripes

Black Nails with Purple and Light Blue Stripes

Stripes can run sideways, but these nails have stripes that are straight up and down, which makes them look even more stylish especially with those great colors used.

Black Nails with Purple and Light Blue StripesBlack Nails with Purple and Light Blue Stripes

Black and Olive Green Striped Nails

Some women like their stripes to be nice and wide, and these nails look great with the wide olive green stripes combined with the black.

Black and Olive Green Striped NailsBlack and Olive Green Striped Nails

White and Black Skinny Striped Nails

Skinny stripes are supposed to make a woman look thinner, but what happens if you put those skinny stripes on nails? These black and white nails are awesome because the stripes are so skinny, but they make the nails look amazing.

White and Black Skinny Striped NailsWhite and Black Skinny Striped Nails

Pink and Silver Striped Nails

Pink and silver may be two colors that women never think of putting together, but these nails look amazing with the lighter color and the shine, don’t you all think so?

Pink and Silver Striped NailsPink and Silver Striped Nails

White Nails With Red Stripes Forming an X

Stripes can also be turned sideways, and these nails show that white and red stripes can look like the letter X, which almost makes the nails look like they are plaid.

White Nails With Red Stripes Forming an XWhite Nails With Red Stripes Forming an X

Red and Black Angle Striped Nails

Black and white together are two really fun colors, but if they are done with the stripes at an angle, then things can really look even better, don’t you think these two colors look great together?

Red and Black Angle Striped NailsRed and Black Angle Striped Nails

So, were we right about having a new appreciation for striped nails? Did these colorful nails surprise or impress you? If they did, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below for you to check out. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started checking out other great lists!

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