10 Gorgeous Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are temporary skin adornments created using a dye made from the henna plant. To make the dye, the twigs and leaves of the plant are crushed and mixed with warm water to make a paste. Artists then use the paste to draw intricate designs on the skin. The henna paste is allowed to dry and flake off, and the skin is stained an orange, brown, or maroon color. Henna tattoos are temporary, and they usually wash off or fade within one to three weeks.

Henna tattoos have been around for centuries, with origins in India, Egypt, and surrounding areas. It was traditionally used to adorn men and women for special occasions, like weddings and religious ceremonies. Today, nearly anyone can get henna tattoos. They’re a beautiful way to express your personal style and add a little body art without living with permanent results. Modern henna tattoo artists will often create both traditional henna tattoo designs as well as more modern versions of this ancient art.

The great thing about henna tattoos is that since they aren’t permanent, you can change u the designs from time to time. If you’re having trouble choosing a design, take a look below. We’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful and unique henna tattoo designs!

1. Curves Henna Hand Tattoo

This henna tattoo is absolutely amazing! It starts at the wrist and snakes u the hand and fingers. It’s also accented by a sun design on the side of the hand and knuckle rings on the index finger.

henna tattoos 1 curved handTamil Brides Guide

2. Henna Elephant Tattoo

Here’s an example of a slightly less traditional henna tattoo. This elephant henna tattoo, however, still has the intricate designs of more traditional henna work, making it even more astounding!

henna tattoos 2 elephantTumblr

3. Henna Finger Ring Tattoos

Henna finger tattoos are eye catching indeed! These henna finger ring tattoos are sure to get a few compliments!

henna tattoos 3 ringsWeHeartIt.com

4. Wrist Henna Tattoos

If you’re looking for eye catching henna tattoos, these henna wrist tattoos might be just the thing. They have a beautiful intricate design.

henna tattoos 3 wristsPhotography Blogger

5. Henna Tree Tattoo

Do trees hold a special meaning for you? If so, you might want to consider this henna tree tattoo compete with falling leaves and dragonflies.

henna tattoos 5 treeShopHenna.com

6. Henna Tattoos on the Sides of the Feet

Decorate your feet for summer sandal weather with henna tattoos on your feet! These are relatively simple designs for henna foot tattoos, but they’re still beautiful and sure to have people admiring your feet.

henna tattoos 6 side of feetStyleCraze.com

7. Henna Ankle and Foot Tattoos

Looking for more ornate henna foot tattoos? Here  are some more intricately designed henna foot tattoos, with the ink extending up the ankle an shin.

henna tattoos 7Pinterest

8. Henna Moon Tattoo

This cute little henna moon tattoo looks just perfect on the ankle! And, the stars add a little something extra.

henna tattoos 8 moonLinzHouWeb.com

9. Henna Toe Tattoos

You can also pretty up your toes a little with henna tattoos! Ok, you can pretty them u a lot!

henna tattoos 9 toesHenna Designs Ideas

10. Matching Henna Hand and Foot Tattoos

Henna tattoos are common on both the hands and the feet. Matching henna tattoos on these areas are gorgeous!

henna tattoos 10 matchingTattooPins.com

After your henna tattoos are applied, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure a dark long lasting design. First, keep in mind that the longer you leave the henna paste on your skin, the darker the henna tattoo will be. You should leave the dried henna paste on for a minimum of a few hours. The paste will start to flake off on its own, and during this time, you should avoid washing your skin. The design will most likely be a lighter orange color at first, but this should darken to a brown or burgundy within a day or two. To ensure a long lasting henna tattoo, avoid scrubbing the stained skin and avoid chlorinated water, such as pool water.

If you’re still looking for some great henna tattoos, make sure you check out these 25 Excellent Henna Tattoo Designs and these 26 Voguish Henna Tattoo Designs!

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