10 Cute and Casual Braided Wedding Hairstyles

Casual weddings are pretty laid back affairs, with simple decorations and a close knit group of friends and family. Brides in casual weddings also usually stick to simple dresses and hairstyles.

Braided wedding hairstyles are great options for casual weddings They’re simple to do and they look pretty yet casual. You can dress up casual braided wedding hairstyles too, with adornments like rhinestones and flowers. Casual wedding hairstyles are the perfect choice for outdoor summer weddings, especially beach weddings. However, they can also work well in just about every other type of wedding due to the braid’s classic look.

Hairstylists can usually help brides create the perfect braided wedding hairstyle. Brides on a budget, though, can usually do their own casual braided hairstyles, though, or enlist the help of a friend or family member.

If you’re looking for some ideas for casual braided wedding hairstyles, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up ten of the sweetest casual braided hairstyles to give you a little inspiration for your big day!

1. Messy Braided Wedding Hairstyle

Casual braided wedding hairstyles can be a bit messy, and still look smashing! Take this cute braided hairstyle, for example. It has braids at the crown of the head and a braid running down the back of the head. The rest of the hair is secured into small ponytails, and it’s all gathered at the back and pinned into a messy bun.

braided wedding hairstyles 1 ponytailsBelle the Magazine

2. Side Braids With Curls

This side french braid looks amazing with the curls at the back of the head! It’s a little messy in the back, but the side braids give it a polished look. It definitely has a casual feel to it, but it’s dressy enough to work for a wedding.

braided wedding hairstyles 2 sideCute Hairstyles Ideas

3. Zig Zag Braid With Roses

Zig zag braids are astounding, and they’re easier to put together than you might think. This zig zag braided hairstyle is adorned with light pink roses which gives it a soft feminine look.

braided wedding hairstyles 3 zig zagWeddingDecorationsHQ.com

4. Braided Bangs Wedding Hairstyle

Simple casual braided wedding hairstyles are sometimes the best. In this hairstyle, long bangs are braided across the front of the head and gathered with the rest of the hair in the back.

braided wedding hairstyles 4 bangsPrettyDesigns.com

5. Braided Handband With Bun Hairstyle

This braided headband hairstyle has a slightly more polished look to it. The bangs are plaited in a French braid across the front of the head and gathered into a polished bun in the back. Pearls and a veil complete the look.

braided wedding hairstyles 5 headband bangsA2ZLifestyle.com

6. Sideways French Braid

Sideways French braid are excellent options for casual braided wedding hairstyles. This particular sideways French braid is left a little loose and adorned with a jeweled clip for a slightly more formal look.

braided wedding hairstyles 6 loose sidePopHaircuts.com

7. Side Braid With Braided Bun

Braided buns are cute and casual braided wedding hairstyles. This braided bun hairstyle also has a side French braid, making it a little dressier for weddings.

braided wedding hairstyles 7 side and bunFashionPictures.com

8. Waterfall Braid Wedding Hairstyle

Waterfall braids are gorgeous braids on any day ,but especially pretty on your wedding day! They’re also not too formal and dressy, making them an excellent choice for casual wedding hairstyles!

braided wedding hairstyles 8 waterfallVivid Occasions

9. Simple French Braid With Flowers

Casual braided wedding hairstyles can be nothing more than dressed up versions of your favorite braided hairstyles. This simple French braid, for instance, is adorned with pretty white flowers. Although it’s a simple braided hairstyle, the addition of the flowers takes it a couple of steps above an everyday hairstyle and a couple steps below a formal wedding hairstyle.

braided wedding hairstyles 9 french flowersWeddingChicks.com

10. Braided Headband With Bangs

Looking for a way to incorporate braids into your hair with bangs? Try a braided headband laying across your crow, where your bangs meet the rest of your hair.

braided wedding hairstyles 10 headbangs with bangsBabble

And there you have it—some of our favorite cute and casual braided wedding hairstyles! Most of these braided hairstyles are simple enough to do on your own, yet elegant enough to be a good fit for a casual wedding. All eyes will be on you on your big day, so make sure everything is perfect, including your braided updo!

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