10 Cool Ways to Use Love Quotes

Using love quotes is a great way to express yourself when you know exactly how you feel, but you just do not know quite how to put it into words. This does not make your feelings any less powerful, but you might just not have the eloquence to say it the way that you want to say it. When this happens, love quotes may actually capture your real feelings better than you could do yourself.

wallpaper love quotes
Wallpaper Love Quote

However, you are probably not just going to march up to the man or woman that you love and proclaim your feelings with the quote.. How should you use it to tell them how you feel? Below are ten different options that you may want to consider. They will work whether you pull the quotes from songs by your favorite band, poems by Walt Whitman or from some of your favorite movies. You can use the quotes:

book style


Ten Cool Ways to Use Love Quotes

1. As matching tattoos. You and your special someone could get matching tattoos so that you both have the quote inked onto your skin for the rest of your lives.

2. Inside your wedding ring. When you order your wedding rings, you can have the jeweler etch the quote into the metal itself, where it will never fade.

wedding ring

Wedding Ring

3. In a Valentine’s Day card. Instead of buying a generic card, why not make your own and use love quotes that come from the heart?

4. As home wall decorations. To hang the quote on the wall, just print it off and frame it. You could also hire a calligrapher to write it out by hand, giving you an elegant piece of artwork.

5. On table decorations at your wedding reception. Similarly, you could have the calligrapher write different quotes that you can put at each of the tables for your wedding reception.

6. As computer backgrounds. Want to have a daily reminder of what the quote means to you? There are some great backgrounds with love quotes that you can display right on your computer.
7. As bumper stickers. Many websites will let you design and order your own bumper stickers, so you can pick out the font that you want to use, the color scheme and the exact wording.

8. In your photo albums and scrap books. Print off the quotes or cut them out of books, and glue them into photo albums and scrap books to give them a personal touch.

9. As stencils on the wall. You can buy stenciled letters and then quickly spray paint them onto the walls in order to have decorations that do not need frames or hangers.

10. As a painting over the mantel. Have an artist paint the quote on a simple background and hang it over your hearth.

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