25 Easy Online Jobs That Require Little To No Experience

Contrary to popular belief, working online is not very difficult. In fact, many online jobs require little to no experience, can be learned as you go, and as long as you are willing to put forth the time and effort necessary to learn each craft, should not be too challenging.

Whether you are looking for some extra cash on the side, or looking to make a full-time living in the comfort of your own home, the online jobs and websites that are listed below should certainly be of help.

1. Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you will be paid to help busy individuals finish their daily tasks. The help you provide can range anywhere from updating their Google calendar to answering their phone calls, and you are paid by the hour most often times.

Though this service is unknown to many people, there are a number of platforms that are hiring, and a sea of clients in need of assistance. As long as you have some free-time and are willing to do other people’s chores, then being a VA would be worth your while.

While of course prior experience is preferred, it is not at all necessary in order to apply. In fact, most VA employees start out having never worked in the field before.

Time Etc., TasksEveryday.com, and uassistme.co are some of the more popular VA platforms.

2. Freelance Writer


Freelance Writer

In addition to being one of the most highly sought-out online jobs, freelance writing is also one of the easiest. Not only are there a lot of platforms that any aspiring writer can work through, but there are also a lot of clients in need of new content.

Popular sites such as upwork.com, outsource.com, and guru.com require no experience in order to get started, and finding clients is rather easy on each platform.

3. Online Blogger


Online Blogger

Starting your own blog can be profitable if done the right way, however, most people start out blogging for other people through websites such as Upwork, Outsource, and Guru.

Similar to freelance writing in many ways, online blogging requires no experience, and serves as a great method of income for some people.

4. Online Tutor


Online Tutor

Whether or not you were an honors student in high-school, you can still find a job tutoring online.

Best places to apply: cheg.com, tutor.com, and tutorme.com 

5. Transcriptionist


Online Transcriptionist

Though it requires a high-level of focus and fast typing speed, no experience is needed in order to transcribe content.

While clients can sometimes be found through different freelancing outlets, the best places to apply as a transcriptionist are transcribeme.com, and rev.com.

6. Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager

Instead of being told to get “off” social media while you are at work, you could be getting paid to be “on” social media and work. 

Social media managers handle anything from Twitter accounts to Pinterest profiles, and are usually paid by the hour.

If you know how to post statuses, tweet, and update profiles, then managing social media accounts should be a breeze. No experience is required, and the only thing to make sure of is that you have everything updated on time.

Best places to apply: homeofficecarreers.com, and globaldigitaldivide.org

7. Be Someone’s Friend For A Day


Be Someone’s Friend For A Day

Yes, you can be paid to be someone’s friend for a day through RentAFriend.com. This may in fact be the easiest online job (since you are simply paid to hang out with people), and online friends make anywhere from $20 to $50 an hour.

8. Reading Ads


Reading Ads

Many companies look for people to read ads online, in order to gauge how each ad will be portrayed by the public.

Best places to apply: mypaidjobs.com, and thenetjobs.com

9. Buy and Sell Domains


Buy and Sell Domains

Domain flipping has become quite popular over the last few years. It is just like house flipping, only it is done online, and requires no experience in order to get started.

Best places to apply: sedo.com, and flippa.com

10. YouTube.com



As you might have guessed, YouTube is a great way to make money online. If you have a tendency for pranks, or are ok with being seen around the world via computer, then YouTube would probably be a great choice. Though no experience is needed, a lot of marketing and promotion will likely need to be done in order to earn a consistent income.

11. Data Entry


Data Entry

Why not do some dummy-work and get paid for it? Many busy people and companies will pay people to enter quick and easy online data into the right places. Data entry jobs can be found through upwork.com and other well-known freelance platforms.

12. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you can earn a commission from promoting other people’s stuff! To get started, just contact a few companies you wouldn’t mind promoting, and work out the details.

13. Online Surveys


Online Surveys

Though each survey may not pay hundreds, if done on a consistent enough basis, these micro payments add up quickly.

Best places to apply: mysurvey.com, and surveysay.com 

14. Virtual Recruiter


Virtual Recruiter

Working as middle men between well-known companies and potential new hires, virtual recruiters spend their time posting jobs, screening resumes, negotiating salaries, and conducting interviews.

As long as you are personable and can communicate well, getting hired as a virtual recruiter should be no issue at all.

Best place to apply: virtualrecruiter.com

15. Test User


Test User

Certain sites such as testingtime.com, usertesting.com, and usabilityhub.com will hire anyone willing to give their honest opinion.

16. Online Captcha Reader


Online Captcha Reader

As long as you don’t mind the annoying and sometimes hard to read codes found before entering certain pages, you can get paid for it.

Best places to apply: onlinetypingjobs.net, and 2captcha.com 

17. Sell Photos


Sell Photos Online

Another quick and easy way to earn money online.

Best place to apply: photography-jobs.net

18. Online Translator


Online Translator

Though little to no experience is required, you will of course need to be bi-lingual to some extent. However, if you are, then online translation should be a piece of cake.

Best place to apply: gengo.com 

19. Search Engine Evaluator


Search Engine Evaluator

If you know how to research and analyze online, then you could be a great search engine evaluator as soon as today.

Best places to apply: leapforce.com, lionbridge.com, isoftstone.com, zerochaos.com, and appen.com 

20. Amazon Mechanical Turk


Amazon Mechanical Turk

No experience is necessary, however, it is recommended that you take time on your application since they do turn some people away.

21. E-book Writer


Ebook Writer

Have a solid command over the english language? If so, you can either write someone’s ebook for them, or write your own and sell it online. Neither require experience, and clients can be found through almost any well-known freelancing platform.

22. Online Coach


Believe it or not, many people work with online coaches. There are a wide variety of areas in which coaches are needed, and no experience is required as long as you know your niche.

Best places to apply: freelancer.com, or prestoexperts.com 

23. Online Organizer


Online Organizer

If you find yourself constantly tidying and cleaning up around the house, then you might be the perfect fit.

A popular choice for those who hate messes, and those with OCD! Best places to apply are: simplyhired.com, and organizing20.org 

24. Online Receptionist


Online Receptionist

Online receptionist positions are becoming somewhat popular, and are rather easy to come by. In fact, many well-known companies have their receptionists work from home.

Best place to apply: vickyvirtual.com

25. Resume Writer


Resume Writer

Websites like WriterBay and ResumeEdge actually allow you to write people’s resumes for them.

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