12 Awesome Ways to Do Brown Walls

Neutral colors are always a good choice when you’re looking to give a room a makeover. White walls are often considered the ultimate neutral color for walls, since white goes with anything, but brown walls can be a nice change from traditional white.

Brown is almost as versatile a neutral as white is. It’s a rich color that’s not as stark and plain as white. It also has a nice rich, earthy feel to it. Although it tends to have a warm feel to it, brown also pairs well with almost any other color, including both cool and warm colors.

If you’re looking to make the switch to brown walls, here’ a little inspiration to get your inner interior designer juices flowing…

1. Dark Brown Walls With White Accents

Dark brown walls may seem a little too dark and dreary to some. Brighten up a rich dark brown color with lots of white accents, like floor to ceiling drapes, painted trim, and bedding.

brown wallsImage Source

2. Brown Wall Design

Brown walls can seem a bit boring and dull to some. A fancy scalloped wall design should help liven up a room and give it some great personality!

brown wallsImage Source

3. Two Tone Brown Walls

Don’t feel restricted to just one shade of brown on your walls. Mixing up two different shades of brown, with one shade acting as an accent color, can really give a room a rich, luxurious look.

brown wallsImage Source

4. Light Brown Painted Walls

A light brown paint can look wonderful in some rooms. It still gives a room an earthy neutral feel, without being too dark.

brown wallsImage Source

5. Brown Accent Wall

Too timid to paint all of your walls that rich chocolate brown color? Try a brown accent wall on just one wall in the room.

brown wallsImage Source

6. Brown Striped Walls

Brown and cream are the perfect combination for some striped walls. This look gives a room a modern and stylish feel!

brown wallsImage Source

7. Brown Stenciled Walls

Stenciled walls are a fantastic way to create a unique and custom wall design while still being affordable. The turquoise an white stenciled designs on this wall look amazing, especially with the matching turquoise accents!

brown wallsImage Source

8. Red and Brown Walls

A rich brown paint adds an earthy and grounded feel to a room. But, a bright, bold red accent wall helps liven things up a bit!

brown wallsImage Source

9. Brown Walls With White Wainscoting

One great way to break up the expanse of solid brown walls is to add some wainscoting to the lower half of the wall. The white of the wainscoting and trim adds some much needed brightness to this room and a touch of luxury.

brown wallsImage Source

10. Brown Sponge Painted Walls

Sponge painting walls with shades of brown can give them an extravagant faux textured look.

brown wallsImage Source

11. Brown and Green Room

Green is a fantastic color to complement brown walls due to its earthy feel! The modern green and brown art prints also help break up large expanse of brown on this long wall.

brown wallsImage Source

12. Dark Brown Walls With White Ceilings

Chocolate brown walls look amazing in this room. They’re complimented nicely with natural hardwood floors and bright white ceilings, which reflect light into the room.

brown wallsImage Source

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