14 Sexy Short Black Hairstyles for Women

Short black hairstyles for women can be stunning and beautiful! And, short hair is usually much easier than long hair to style and take care of, making it more and more popular among busy women.

Some women may believe that a short haircut isn’t right for their hair type. However, this doesn’t have to be true. Short black hairstyles can work with pretty much all hair types, from thin and stick straight to thick and curly. The key is finding the right cut to flatter both your hair type and your facial features. Women with long foreheads, for instance, may want to opt for a short haircut with bangs to hep camouflage this feature. An experienced hair stylist can actually be very helpful when it comes to choosing the best short hairstyles for black hair, so be sure to speak with your hair stylist aout which cuts would work best for you.

In the meantime, take a look at these awesome short black hairstyles for women!

1. Short Black Pixie Cut

One of the shortest short black hairstyles, the black pixie cut give a lady a sweet and innocent look.

short black hairstylesImage Source

2. Black Pixie Cut With Sideswept Bangs

For a trendy and updated version of the classic short pixie cut, sideswept bangs are just the thing!

short black hairstylesImage Source

3. Shot Black Hair Long Bangs

The long straight bangs on short black hairstyles like this give one a chic and slightly edgy appearance.

short black hairstylesImage Source

4. Short Black Bob

If short black hairstyles like pixie cuts are just too short, there’s always the classic short bob hairstyles.

short black hairstylesImage Source

5. Black Graduated Bob With Bangs

A black graduated bob, with hair longer in the front, is a modern and trendy version of the classic chin length.

short black hairstylesImage Source

6. Sleek Asymetrical Black Bob

An asymetrical bob is fun and flirty and a great choice for nearly any style!

short black hairstylesImage Source

7. Black Graduated Bob

This young lady looks like she stepped right off the runway with her gorgeous and shiny black graduated bob!

short black hairstylesImage Source

8. Chin Length Bob With Bangs

Whether you’re going for a classic look or a punky rock star look, this chin length bob with bangs is one of the most versatile short black hairstyles.

short black hairstylesImage Source

9. Curly Short Black Hairstyle

Even curly haired ladies can rock short black hairstyles!

short black hairstylesImage Source

10. Wavy Black Bob

In fact, a wavy black bob can look absolutely stunning!

short black hairstylesImage Source

11. Curly Black Bob

And a wild and curly black bob looks fantastic, fun, and carefree!

short black hairstylesImage Source

12. Choppy Short Black Haircut

Younger ladies with black hair might love the edgy look of this short choppy haircut!

short black hairstylesImage Source

13. Black Mohawk for Women

This black mohawk for women is more of a “faux-hawk”, actually, and would look great down as well!

short black hairstylesImage Source

14. Short Black Hair With Red Highlights

Short black hairstyles look amazing with a bright pop of color, like these red highlights!

short black hairstylesImage Source

As you can see, short black hairstyles can be just as soft and feminine as their longer counterparts. Short black hair (or any color of short hair, for that matter!) on women is no longer seen as “butch”, so rock those short styles and wear them proudly! Oh, and enjoy the extra time you shave off your hair care routine too!

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