15 Stunning Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Finding the right hairstyle can be a bit tricky for some women. Many of us go through hairstyle after hairstyle before we find something that flatters us and that we’re truly comfortable in. Eventually, many women settle on bangs of some sort. It wasn’t long ago that short bangs were considered unstylish and old fashioned, though. However, in recent years, shorter bangs have started to make a comeback!

There are several different styles of bangs to choose from. You can ask for super short and wispy bangs, or short blunt bangs. Shorter bangs can look smashing with a wide range of different hairstyles, from long hair to super short dos and everything in between! Want to see for yourself? Check out these hairstyles with short bangs to see just how gorgeous they can be!

1. Short Bangs in Layered Brown Hair

This shoulder length layered hair cut looks super cute with some short bangs!

short bangsImage Source

2. Long Brown Hair With Short Bangs

Long haircuts, like this gorgeous wavy hair, look stunning and a bit retro with shorter bangs. This cut frames her face, and especially her eyes, beautifully!

short bangsImage Source

3. Long Red Hair With Short Bangs

Who says blondes have more fun? This red head is rockin’ a long do with some short bangs, and she looks pretty pleased!

short bangsImage Source

4. Long Brown Hair With Bangs

These bangs aren’t super short, but they are on the shorter side. They also complement this long brown hairstyle well!

short bangsImage Source

5. Short Wispy Bangs

Shoulder length black locks can really stand out with some short wispy bangs to help frame some breathtaking eyes!

short bangsImage Source

6. Short Curly Hair With Bangs

The bangs in this hairstyle skim the top of the eyebrows, just enough to frame her beautiful face perfectly!

short bangsImage Source

7. Short Blunt Bangs With Bob

A pretty little bob is complete with these adorable blunt bangs! This look is best on super straight hair.

short bangsImage Source

8. Short Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs don’t have to be long and in your eyes. These short bangs are side swept and still look pretty amazing, especially with a bob!

short bangsImage Source

9. Inverted Bob With Bangs

Inverted bob haircuts look sleek and polished, and the short bangs just complete the look here.

short bangsImage Source

10. Short Blonde Shag Haircut

Looking for an edgy haircut with short bangs? Try an edgy blonde shag like the one pictured here!

short bangsImage Source

11. Pixie Cut With Short Bangs

The pixie cut is the perfect haircut to sport shorter bangs, since the rest of the hair is already short!

short bangsImage Source

12. Side Swept Pixie Cut Bangs

Here’s another great example of short side swept bangs, this time on a layered pixie cut.

short bangsImage Source

13. Updo With Short Bangs

Highlight shorter bangs with a headband in a cute little updo.

short bangsImage Source

14. Short Blue Bangs

Add some color to your life with some deep blue short blue peek-a-boo bangs!

short bangsImage Source

15. Curled Pinup Bangs

Even if your bangs are a little longer than you’d like, you can always curl them to make these adorable short retro bangs!

short bangsImage Source

Short bangs aren’t for everyone, it’s true. Give the style a try, though, and you might just be pleasantly surprised!

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