14 Gorgeous Examples of Dyed Gray Hair

Gray hair is usually associated with old age, but lately there has been an interesting shift. Young people are now switching gears, away from rainbow hued hair, and trying out gray hair! That’s right—dyed gray hair is now a thing!

Dubbed “granny hair” by some, dyed gray hair is a hot new trend worn by funky beatniks to celebrities and everyone in between. Well, everyone that’s brave enough to sport silver locks before their time, that is.

Dying hair gray isn’t for the faint of heart, though. Even if you’re prepared to deal with the possible curious looks from strangers and ready for the rigorous upkeep, there’s still the issue of actually dying the hair gray. Hair must first be bleached, sometimes multiple times. A purple toner may also be used to cancel out any yellow or brassy undertones in the hair. Finally, a gray hair dye is applied, leaving you with gorgeous gray locks!

Ready to rock some gray locks of your own? Take a look at these dyed gray hair ideas kfor some inspiration!

1. Wavy Gray Dye Hair

Lush wavy locks look absolutely amazing and downright regal on any lady, no matter how young or old!

dye gray hairImage Source

2. Messy Gray Bob

For a slightly more edgy look, dyed gray hair cut into a messy bob creates a fun punk feel!

dye gray hairImage Source

3. Gray Streaks in Short Hair

If you’re not sure about dyed gray hair all over just yet, test the waters with soe foxy silver streaks.

dye gray hairImage Source

4. Dyed Gray Hair Tips

Dying just the ends of the hair gray is another great way to test out this edgy new trend without going overboard.

dye gray hairImage Source

5. Lush Gray Ponytail

Thick dyed gray hair tossed into a high ponytail makes a gorgeous and fun causal ‘do!

dye gray hairImage Source

6. Gray Hair With Bangs

Face framing bangs in gray hair can be gorgeous too!

dye gray hairImage Source

7. Ombre black and Gray Hair

A black and gray ombre hairstyle gives of less of a granny hair vibe and more of a wicked cool punk rocker vibe!

dye gray hairImage Source

8. Stick Straight Gray Hair

Dyed gray hair looks pretty spectacular when styled into a super straight style!

dye gray hairImage Source

9. Tossled Grayish Blue Hair

For an even more modern and trendy feel, some bluish undertones in your dyed gray hair can be just the thing.

dye gray hairImage Source

10. Lilac Gray Hair

Subtle lilac undertones in dyed gray hair are ultra feminine and super sexy!

dye gray hairImage Source

11. Purplish Gray Hair

Here’s another fantastic example of hair dyed gray with some purple undertones…

dye gray hairImage Source

12. Gray Hair With Purple Streaks

If subtlety isn’t really your thing, you can always add some bright, bold and in your face purple streaks to your new gray hair!

dye gray hairImage Source

13. Dyed White Hair

Going as light as you can with your dyed gray hair can be a bit tricky, but when done correctly, completely white hair is breathtaking!

dye gray hairImage Source

14. Embellished Gray Hair

Finally, you can always jazz up your gray hair—dyed or natural—with a fun embellished hair accessory!

dye gray hairImage Source

Upkeep for dyed gray hair can be a little more time consuming than upkeep for hair dyed a “normal” color. Using sulfate-free hair products is recommended, as sulfates can strip color from the hair. Since the intense bleaching and dying process can dry out and damage the hair, using a deep conditioner periodically is recommended. Some people find that they also need to use a blue shampoo or gray color depositing shampoo to keep the hair from looking dull. Frequent touchups to get rid of roots are also necessary.

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