[Discontinued] Win $250 With Our New Pinterest Contest

Its raining offers from SloDive. After successfully running Constant Comment Contest, we have come up with another awesome Contest to provide you with an opportunity to win cash by sharing the content you like, this time on Pinterest.

We are sure you must have already used this site, and for those who are new to it, can read How To Use Pinterest and get to know every detail of it. As you know Pinterest is an image based site where you share your interests in form of pictures and videos. Now you can share SloDive’s content on Pinterest as well along with other social media sites. For Every article you submit to Pinterest, you stand a chance to win upto $100 USD. Before entering this Contest, we recommend you to go through the terms of entering the contest.


  • You can pin one image from one Article.
  • Minimum images pinned from SloDive should be 50.
  • We do not entertain or encourage spamming so you should pin at least 50 images from other sites as well.
  • Choice of other sites or the images pinned depends on you.
  • At the end of every month, Three winners will be declared.
  • Top sharer will get $120 USD, 1st runner up $80 USD and 2nd Runner up $50 USD.
  • Use only one username on Pinterest for monitoring.
  • You can also like or repin the articles, although our criteria for selection will depend on Pins made by you.
  • You can follow us on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to our RSS so you don’t miss any article.
Sharing is Caring
  • Offers here at SloDive are really awesome and unbelievable.. Liked the blog’s attitude. I wish all the readers of SloDive a very good luck.

  • This one’s a cool move from Slodive and I know as the CCC have been, it will be great too!

  • Manuel Garcia

    Looks surprising since you are investing for the sake of marketing in Pinterest. Is that really worth it? I mean, as of now, the potential I see for pinterest is too low. Yes, it may be the fast growing social media network this year, but I don’t think it will be good source of traffic (if that’s your intention) for bloggers and webmasters..

  • Pinterest is actually building a good source traffic for lots of sites out there. This helps more where pinners provide link to source and give credits. So @Manuel I very much disagree with you, this will very much be of help.

  • Following the comment above by @Manuel I strongly feel obliged to contribute my opinion here as to why Slodive may have taken this cool decision to come up with this Contest. According to me it’s because they value their visitors and whoever reads there articles and this is not all about sourcing traffic but it’s above extending a vote of thanks to the community who make what Slodive is today. Slodive is also strongly focusing on building a strongly community. Thanks

  • On the surface, I wouldn’t think Pinterest and blog/web design would go together either. What I have found, though, is that it is actually perfect for them! I won’t go so far as to claim that Pinterest will surpass, or even meet, Facebook’s popularity. But, there is an entire community of designers who are flocking to Pinterest. They go for the inspiration and collecting, with categorizing, of ideas. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t receive at least one Pinterest notice of someone ‘pinning’ something I have posted. (Not so with FB – I may get two notices a week.) I’ve even met a few folks there. There are groups of folks who pin PS tutorials. Digital art is my thing, so, I find a wealth of ideas there.
    For me, FB is generic. Any number of people can use it and that is great! Pinterest is more geared towards those who appreciate the beauty in things. That is better for me. Maybe it isn’t ‘right’ for someone else, but, for a ‘few’ others, it is perfect.

    Su Hall

    • Thanks @Hall, you simply expressed this the coolest way.

  • Manuel Garcia

    Yes, according to you. But according to them? Why risk money for nothing? I mean, this is the nature of business, the law of marketing. No business personality would risk such investment for nothing. Yes, they can say that “they are doing it for the sake of their visitors” but come on… Slodive only knows it. And I respect it.

    I am not arguing with you but, could you present an evidence that pinterest is a great source of traffic? Now that they have changed the “link framework” on the title of the pins (if you know it).

    • Yep, they may have changed the title linking but what matters is that people click on images as opposed to titles. Also it doesn’t matter of the nofollow, what matters is that the image link sends users back to where it was sent from. This is a great move for Slodive. Also the great risk taking fellows make it so well.

  • Impressed! Quite different kind of Giveaway.

  • Yup! No one had ever organized a giveaway like this sort. This is really an awesome giveaway and I recommend this to share with people in our network,

  • That’s another cool contest you are with..Hope to enter and win this one…

  • Jai

    Too bad I was not able to join this Pinterest contest. I hope more will come. More power to SloDive.

  • Will this contest starts again? I like pinning images.

  • Great idea- getting people to pin ur pics!!