June 2013 – Constant Comment Contest Winners

Time is passing by and with each new day we get bestowed with ever increasing love of our readers in form of their comments. We initially thought of running Constant Comment Contest just for a quarter but when the comments started multiplying every month, we decided to run this contest as long as we can as an appreciation to all the love we are getting from our readers.

This month also it was a tough competition but consistency is the key to win this contest. So, the consistent commentators who won this month’s top slot are as follows:

ccc winners june2013

Nikhil Sharma ($150 + a Premium WPTheme)

Tarun Jaitley ($75 + a Premium WP Theme)

And the winner of the lucky draw from the remaining contestants is:

Kamal ($50 + a Premium WP Theme)

Although we nominate only top three commentators but all the readers, whether they comment or choose to just enjoy reading our articles are equally precious for us.

Our Heartiest congratulations to the winners and all the best to all participants for coming month’s contest.

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  • Kamal

    Wow,Thanks a lot to Slodive Team for Choosing me as winner,Hope to win 1st Place in This Month Contest.

    • Kuldeep

      Beest of luck Kamal for this month’s contest.

    • All the best Kamal!
      I hope you win this time.

      • Kamal

        Congrats for Great Win,Ha Ha Thanks a lot Nikhil Sharma,Trying from month of January Hope to win this time At Least…

    • Kuldeep

      Congrats Kamal.

  • Am very glad I scored the top spot again for yet another month. Once again am grateful to Slodive team for having this amazing contest.

  • Ben Stuart

    Congrats to all the winners.

  • Jai

    Very good competition. I’m going to go get the next. ^^ Congrats to the 3 who win.

    • Kamal

      Thanks,Waiting for your Back Jai…All The Very Best…

      • Jai

        Yes Kamal, just a little busy these days but I’m going to have some time for you guys! ^^

  • Jai

    Have not seen any update for the July winners. Is there any problem?