Constant Comment Contest Result May 2012

With Every passing month, everyone related to SloDive is growing rich, SloDive by feedback of Readers and Readers by winning money through Constant Comment Contest. We are getting overwhelming response of readers in form of Comments and feedback. This month winners of the contest are

  • Winner: Joseph
  • 1st runner-up: Manuel Garcia

Congrats to both of you and a thank you all for encouraging us through your comments. As the tradition goes, winner gets $100 and the runner-up takes away $50.

Next month it could be you so start commenting now.

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  • That’s a nice contest of your…back again..

  • Manuel Garcia

    Thanks Team Slodive and Congrats to Joseph.

  • I am inactive this month due to some factors, so I didn’t gave a competition. Congrats dudes :)

  • Manuel Garcia

    Yeah, May is a busy month. What more this June. Back to school.

  • Congrats to the winner :)

  • @Pavan, I think you have already won 2nd place some 3+ times and how can you miss this awesome contest ?

  • Manuel Garcia

    @Bharat: Thanks. You should join too :)

  • Thanks to everyone and more so to the SloDive team and the entire SloDive community. I am glad I have gone unbeaten for not once nor twice but for 5 outrageous times and I bet is time I sit back and watch the throne being battled for, but (and get me well here) it’s not about just winning, it’s about build a conversation with the rest of the community and contributing to building the future of sharing awesome content here on SloDive. All I have to say is that you keep working on it because there’s still time and don’t forget to tell your friends and to share everything you find useful here (off-course almost everything shared on SloDive is useful).

    Happy commenting to everyone.

  • @Bharat: I shifted house, later faced some problem with my ISP for re-connection. Now I am back.

  • Marie

    Congratulations Winner. You did well. Hope to win someday. ^^

  • Congrats people. I will also be looking forward for the contest.

  • Kuldeep

    Congrats to both winners.