Constant Comment Contest Result Jan 2012

Dear Community Members,

We would firstly like to thank you for your overwhelming response to the contest. The loyalty and dedication that you have shown for SloDive is recommendable. We are happy to have a look at the viewpoint of our readers and this contest was a way to look in your hearts. As we promised, we have chosen the winners for the Month of Jan on the basis of “Valuable” comments posted.

Contest Winner

We are happy to announce that the winners for the month of January 2012 are:

  • Winner : Joseph
  • 1st runner up: Sinbad Konick

The winner gets $100 and the runner up gets $50 as a cash prize.

Contest Winner

We hope to serve you better than your expectations so let us know your feedback and suggestions through and also win a chance to stand as a winner in the Constant Comment Contest.

Sharing is Caring
  • After weeks (one month in exact) of constant engagement and loyalty, SloDive finally announced the winners of the constant comment contest. I am so happy to know that I managed to win, and along with the a $100 reward, I must say that I have found so many advantages to have participated in this contest, its quite frankly I don’t know where to start. I would very much recommend being a part of SloDive, first, they have advantages that are not limited to just the participants, but for everyone involved, and second because they give you a platform of inspiration when you feel like you’re down. I don’t have anything much to add other than say that am thankful, cheerful and grateful of SloDive.

    • Sinbad Konick

      You were a awesome competitor….:)

      • Thanks. You are awesome too Konick

      • congrats bro, though are 1st runners up, but its an awesome achievement

  • Congratulations Joseph! That took a lot of work.

    • Hey Steph, not that much work but lots of passion. You can have a look of my Chrome’s most visited sites screen shot here…. You can see that SloDive was 4th

      • It’s same as mine…mine also…is slodive in the first place…

  • Ali

    good job slodive

  • Sinbad Konick

    It’s just awesome..thanks for creating such nice contest and being a runner up i am really happy…and congrats to Joseph…:) And Yap Slodive is a platform for newbie like me who are just trying to get chance and again thanks …

  • Hi everyone I just need to confirm to you all that I received the award of the constant comment contest. Its a pleasure and honoured being a part of this and I would urge you all to take part. SloDive rocks!

  • I also confirm that slodive sent my award and i am glad for that..they really rocks…

  • And bought a new domain and started my blog is possible for slodive they done awesome job and which helped me to get more patience…thanks…i will be always with slodive as before..

    • Hey Sinbad seems you got a cool way to spend the bucks. Would like to check your new blog. This contest was so nice and it still is.

  • I got another thing to make me happy with SloDive… Someone got to me after reading this article to offer some bucks that I can join their forum family. This cc contest rocks for sure

  • thanks slodive for arranging such an awesome contest, waiting for the next

  • Oh.. That’s an awesome opportunity to get quick cash.. Enjoy Joseph..!!

  • Congrats friends,all the best for your future success.

  • Kuldeep

    That’s really great. Will try to win the July 2013 contest.

  • Great opportunity, Anyways any news about the winners of June 2013 contest?