Constant Comment Contest Result Feb 2012

Dear Readers

It is that time of the month again. We are here with yet another announcement of the winners for past month.


We are glad to announce that the winners for the month of February 2012 are:

  • Winner : Joseph
  • 1st runner up: Sinbad Konick

The winner gets $100 and runner up gets $50 as cash prizes.

Contest Winner

We have been receiving a tremendous amount of response from our readers and we have learned a lot from your insightful comments. Keep them coming and also win a chance to stand as a winner in the Constant Comment Contest.

Sharing is Caring
  • Am very glad I scored the top spot again for yet another month. I believe the greatest motivator have not been the prize but it has been the proper flow of SloDive’s content that keeps me yearning for more. Thanks

  • Once again am grateful to confirm that I received the prize. Thanks SloDive

  • I’m so astonished to find the blog giving 150$ for commentators. This shows how loyal the slodive blog is to its readers. As I was a multimedia student, I just bookmarked the site. Hope this will help to grow in my field.

  • Congratulations Winner. You did well. Hope to win someday.