8 Twitter Tool Alternatives For Your Backup

The recent happenings of downtime for 2 hugely important Twitter Clients Hootsuite and CoTweet, was a big problem for a large amount of users.

In order for you to have a backup plan in the future, here is a list of tools that you might want to give a try or at least have in the back of your head, in case it happens again.

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Alternatives for Hootsuite and CoTweet:

1.) I Need To Tweet Collaboratively



In case you are looking for a tool that specifically focuses on the collaboration feature of CoTweet, MediaFunnel might be the perfect solution for you. The App allows you to tweet together from one account and offers analytics too.

More Information On MediaFunnel

2.) I Need Great Twitter Lists:

Tweetdeck List Feature

Tweetdeck List Feature

In case you are looking for a similar lists feature to CoTweet’s I strongly suggest you take a look at the built in list feature by Tweetdeck. Personally I think it is even better than CoTweet and allows you to follow lists in real time. The downside might be that information can get overwhelming through it.

More Information On Tweetdeck List Feature

3.) I Need A Great Web Client:

Seesmic Web Client

Seesmic Web Client

If you are looking for a fully fledged web client, look no further than to Seesmic’s Web client. It does everything you expect it to do, allows you to post to multiple social networks and is presented to you in a neat and polished way.

More Information On Seesmic Web Client

4.) I Need A Great Mac App:

Twitter For Mac

Twitter For Mac

Since CoTweet is webbased and you are now interested in a desktop based version, the official Twitter for Mac App is a great solution. It is a clean and simple one column desktop App that allows you to keep an eye on Twitter without getting flooded by tweets.

More Information On Twitter For Mac

5.) I Need A Great Android App:



Plume is definitive the number one Android App in case you are looking for an alternative. Not only are user ratings (and my own) sky high, but the cleanness of the App is astonishing. Big plus is the push notification and the large degree of customizability available for you.

More Information On Plume

6.) I Need A Great iPhone App:



In case you are an iPhone user and are thinking about something new, Echofon is my suggestion for you. Not only has it a great desktop and Mac App too in case you want to switch fully, but it is also very convincing with quick loading times on your iPhone.

More Information On Echofon

7.) I Need Great Analytics:



If you are looking for something specifically focusing on Analytics, I suggest you take a look at Twentyfeet. It is a neat Twitter App that gives you a set of all the analytics necessary for you to track your brand. It is also great to get a tweet ready to be published as a report.

More Information On Twentyfeet

8.) I Need A Great Tweet Scheduler:



If you are looking for a super simple Tweet scheduling Tool, Buffer might be the perfect match for you. Instead of individual scheduling you simply throw tweets into your Buffer and they are scheduled for you. You can also add tweets from any page you are on via browser extensions.

More Information On Buffer

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  • Just started using Buffer a short time ago – I like it.
    Need a great Twitter search tool > http://search.tweetreports.com

  • Am a keen user of buffer app and Tweetdeck. I love these two and am grateful to you guys for listing both of them here.

  • Manuel Garcia

    Great post! There is some brilliant tools now that really do make it easy to manage your twitter to keep you in the social media arena !

  • Seesmic is my favorite earlier. It had integration with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for multiple accounts. But now they have disabled the features. So I an away from Seesmic service.

  • Prabha

    Seesmic is an awesome twitter alternative app for taking a backup and it works very well with firexfox.

  • Tarun Jaitely

    Seesmic and Buffer are my favorite. Thanks for this list.

  • Great list of tools. Thanks for sharing this resource.