10 Twitter Tools to Increase Your Productivity

If you are interested in making the most out of twitter, then take a look at these 10 tools, which will help you to step up your productivity.

They range from being able to making your timeline less cluttered with useless tweets, to increasing your tweet frequency in a genuine, yet more efficient way. I am sure, one of them will suit you too:

1.) Buffer – never scheduled tweets? Now you should

If you feel you want to optimize your twitter activities and step up your tweet consistency, Buffer can help you. What the app does is, it delays your tweets for a few hours. But not like existing tweet scheduling functions like Social Oomph or Hootsuite. Daily times your scheduled tweets go out are fixed and you can spread them out over the day. So add as many tweets as you want, but never clutter your followers timeline.

What makes it “killer”?

The best thing is, you can add tweets to your Buffer right there from the page you are reading, using a browser extension (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) like I did below.


More Information on Buffer

2.) Dlvr.it – Posts your new blogposts to twitter

I like to call dlvr.it your smart online mailman. It is an app that will auto-publish your new posts to twitter and any other social network you have connected to it. Interestingly dlvr.it also lets you connect with your bit.ly or bit.ly pro account. However it also has its own default URL shortener which saves you the hassle.

What makes it “killer”?

Dlvr.it gives you stats for each of your links to the posts and shows you how well they have performed in terms of retweets and clicks.


More Information on Dlvr.it

3.) Twoolr – Powerful stats about your twitter account

Twoolr is a nicely designed web app that tells you all about the impact your twitter account has. Twoolr provides you with those metrics that matter most, giving you measures such as full usage trends, associated clouds and user comparisons. You can access it all intuitively from the dashboard or get growth and community reports straight to your inbox.

What makes it “killer”?

Twoolr has oftentimes been admired for its cost benefit efficiency. It delivers all those metrics for free or such a low price that anyone can afford it.


More Information on Twoolr

4.) Tweetdeck – The twitter client you were looking for

Although Tweetdeck has now reached the heights of nearly global fame it is still worth pointing out, as not all users are aware of its full feature set. With Tweetdeck you will be able to manage your twitter account(s) in a highly optimized manner. You can create columns for your @-mentions and new followers and keep track of everything that is going on around your account. Auto bit.ly URL shortening and a new feature to post longer messages (deck.ly) make it further worthwhile to start using.

What makes it “killer”?

What makes Tweetdeck truly stand out for me is its functionality to track keywords in columns and be notified about anything related to your brand or area of interest.


More Information on Tweetdeck

5.) ManageFlitter – Get rid of followers you don’t need

ManageFlitter is a service you will learn to love immediately. You can unfollow a large amount of people, for various reasons, which ManageFlitter tells you about them: They don’t follow you back. They are no longer active. They have no profile pic and are likely to be scam. Or they are loudmouths with too many followers to take ever notice of you.

What makes it “killer”?

The best part about ManageFlitter is how fast you can access the service without any hassles of signing up. Simply click connect and unfollow those you don’t want to follow any longer.


More Information on ManageFlitter

6.) The Archivist – get a tweet library and analysis

In general the Archivist does what is says, but in addition also gives you great insights and data visualizations about the Twitter activity for a specific subject or search term. This can be very important if you want to get better knowledge about your brands, competitors or simply terms that interest you. For your convenience you can also download all the data in an excel file and use it as you wish.

What makes it “killer”?

The Hashtag analysis is really handy with this app, even more so if you want to keep a running tab on how many mentions it is getting over a period of time.

The Archivist

More Information on The Archivist

7.) Nurph – Twitter Chats made simple

With Nurph you will have access to Twitter chat rooms, so you can take your conversations to the next level! It works by tweeting a link to http://Nurph.com/YourTwitterName to bring your friends & followers together for a real-time chat without taking over your follower’s timelines with long conversations. It is very handy as it comes complete with Twitter profile integration, tweet streaming, and hovercards.

What makes it “killer”?

What I liked best about nurph is that once you start a chat you can decide to no longer post to twitter, which brings it to more private conversation.


More Information on nurph

8.) Twileshare – Upload and share files on Twitter

Twileshare pretty much says what it does. You can share files up to 10MB of size and this can be anything from images, docs or PDF’s. This works by uploading your files and then tweeting links to them, which are hosted on your Twileshare account. Currently, you receive 1 GB of storage for free, but upgrades are soon to be available. Twileshare is currently invite only as it is in Beta.

What makes it “killer”?

Only after using it, I realized how incredibly fast this service makes it to get my files out to the world. No attachements, no nothing – just a single tweet is all it takes.


More Information on Twileshare

9.) Proxlet – Get rid of the noise on Twitter

I bet you have used the Facebook functionality, where you can “Hide this post” a few times by now. Proxlet is just that – for twitter. Mute certain tweets, without unfollowing the person altogether. It feels like such a relief to finally get rid of 4sq tweets or tweets about trending topics, you can no longer hear about. In short: Block spammy apps, temporarily mute loud users, filter out annoying hash-tags, and breathe a little easier.

What makes it “killer”?

What makes this service indispensable is that it doesn’t only work with Twitter.com but with tweetdeck, iphone and others too.


More Information on Proxlet

10.) Backtweets – Who is linking to your URL

Backtweets might appear to be similar to the above mentioned dlvr.it, but it is a bit different, as it allows you to track which tweets by whom are linking back to your own blog or website. You can search for links on Twitter and it also supports regular and shortened URLs. In addition it will also find out about real time updates and email and RSS subscriptions.

What makes it “killer”?

What takes this app to the next level for me, is that it has an API readily available for me to integrate the tool in a hassle free way. Check it out.


More Information on Backtweets

Leave a comment below, and I will make sure to reply to every single one. Have I missed one great tool you are using to be more productive?

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