• Really nice resource for free email templates. Campaign Monitor templates are really really good. For premium html email templates you should take a look at Toviq.

  • Themier

    WOW… Wonderful collection and for free.. Thank you very much for such nice collection… i love Free Newsletter Template… i think it suits on my new niche… Thank you again for this one.

  • That’s great there are so many free email templates out there. But, anyone can afford to buy a premium email template and with the benefits you get from a premium template it totally worth it.

    • If some one don’t have that much money to buy a theme then all of those are awesome for
      him cause we normally don’t want to buy anything…but if really need then we buy that…hope you understand and that’s where slodive is awesome for us..

  • This is the best collection I have found to date. Just downloaded the “welcome” template which I feel is ideal for a business email. These templates are of a professional standard. I have been trying to create my own in Dreamweaver, but have found that as good as the program is I am not a very good graphic designer and so my attempts have not met standard.

    Many thanks for sharing

  • JodiB

    I’m just downloading the free templates from Campaign Monitor. Wow! These templates are fantastic. What a resource. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to get a lot of use from these.

    • Some of these rock, but I hope you aren’t downloading that one to use for you company campaigns and newsletters. Am ain’t saying its not worth it but if only you could twist it a bit every one will agree with me that it will rock.

  • Great collections. Thanks for sharing.

  • Everyone here seems to love the freebies listed above and so do I. I love free things too but only for inspiration and not to use them myself.

  • Saqib

    very nice templates

  • thanks for admin their nice collect for free.

  • Hi nice collection thanks a lot ..

  • Thank you very very much ! ! you had made an easy task for me…

  • Pritesh

    How do I use them?
    I use gmail to send emails from my domain.

  • kiran

    tell me how to use? its good to approach maximum people

  • Nice HTML Email templates. I think most of them use the ‘background-image’ css property, which is unsupported by email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, Live.

  • Nice HTML Email templates.

    Thank you very very much ! ! you had made an easy task for me…

  • Thanks. It’s just great.

  • Liv Smith

    Great collection, officially a fan!

    This is going to save us a lot of time! Cheers

  • George

    Thanks for sharing this. I was having issues with my existing emailer template especially when it opens in Ms Outlook. Hope that one of the downloaded template will solve my issue.. :)

  • Thanks for sharing this great collection of HTML Templates. I’ll try to use some of them in my future projects.

  • Jai

    I like the Meadows, very simple but at the same very presentable to look at. Nice collection here anyways!

  • Salaxzar

    A really good collection of email templates with truly superb screenshots.

  • Henrique

    Thank very much!!! I wasn’t finding this in nowhere

  • Good list. However sadly apart from campaign monitor, others do not have much of a premium feel.

  • Prabha

    Wow these free html email templates are very beautifully designed i love Free Newsletter Template Sample it has a very simple and unique design.

  • Great post, i needed some newsletter templates to work out on emails and these are awesome.

  • I send out a newsletter and it shows up different in Yahoo and Gmail. Is there a way of coding the HTML so it shows up the same in both? I was hoping to make a template so I could send to the whole list.