20 Best Android MP3 Players

We should be very thankful with all of the musicians in the world out there today. Music is one of the greatest pleasures in life and it is very powerful, as well. Listening to certain types of music has the ability to alter your mental state. For instance, listening to happy and spunky songs have the ability to brighten your mood. Also, it inspires you to get up and dance, enjoy life, etc…

Now, music can be taken anywhere with us and it’s extremely easy to do. Android users will be able to find out just how easy they can listen to their favorite tunes any time they want to.. There are various free apps available online that can turn your Android phone into an MP3 player.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the fabulous Android MP3 Player apps that gives you freedom to do much more than just listen to music. These apps will also give you the ability to discover new sounds and new types of music that you may have never listened to before. Therefore, it’s highly advisable that you transform your Android device into a portable music device.


MixZing is simply the most advanced media player around! Music ID identifies your songs, even those without valid tags, and lets you clean up their tags and album art. Displays lyrics for millions of songs. Mood Player creates custom listening sessions–like Pandora for your music! and much more.

mixzing 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download MixZing


The most functional and customizable player for your video and music in phone. You can’t use widget if installed to SD!

meridian 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Meridian

TuneWiki Social Music Player

The Must-Have Music Experience for Playing and Discovering Music. Play music, stream Internet radio, and videos – all with synchronized lyrics that can be instantly translated into over 40 languages.

tune wiki 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download TuneWiki Social Music Player


Rdio is a social music service on the web and on Android devices. Follow your friends and other people with great musical taste, and find new music to listen to. Play any of our 8 million+ songs as much as you like and make your own playlists.

rdio 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Rdio

Music News, Popstars & Lyrics

Music News, Popstars & Lyrics is the fastest and most resource rich app for being up-to-date with the latest from music magazines, celebrities, albums and shows/gigs.

music news 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Music News, Popstars & Lyrics

Music CDs

Get the latest CDs and exclusive music offers at popular CDs, Shop for music CDs, from your favorite bands and compare.

popular cds 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Music CDs

EvriThing Rock

EvriThing Rock brings you the best real-time content streams from the rock music scene.

everything rock 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download EvriThing Rock

Stir Crazy Music Production

Super-producer Stir Crazy has stamped his imprint on the music scene since 2003. His production has helped create career defining hits for artists such as Potluck, D12, Bizzy Bone, Toxsick, Kamal, Tre Pound, SOL, T.O.N.Ez,

stir crazy 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Stir Crazy Music Production


MyOldKentuckyBlog.com is one of the internet’s leading mp3/music blogs. Download the MOKB app and get the latest in free and legal mp3s from up-and-coming indie rock bands.

mokb 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download MOKB


Its operation is quite simple: just tap on the central button of the app and hold your phone to identify the track. It will bring you some information: album, title, artist, videos, lyrics, and more. It has to be said though that not all this info is available for all the songs. Since Shazam databased is public-based, the availability depends on the users’ willing to upload it

shazam 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Shazam


Yala is the first mobile application that provides legal access to the largest catalog of all music of the Arab world for free. 60 000 tracks, 3000 artists, 3500 videos

yala 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Yala

Tamil Vanoli

Listen or record streaming music, talk and news from Tamil Radio Stations, podcasts, playlists, FM Radios around the world and India.

tamil mp3 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Tamil Vanoli


VEVO’s free high-quality music & entertainment programming experience is now available within a gorgeous new Android App.

vevo 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download VEVO

VideoTonez by MUZ

Videotonez free high-quality music & entertainment is now available as a Android App for free.

video tones 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download VideoTonez by MUZ

Slacker Radio

Listen to free personalized radio on your Android device. Listen to over 100 expert-programmed radio stations or create your own custom stations from millions of songs.

slacker radio 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Slacker Radio


Music Video plays for incoming call. Can use your SD Card Videos as Video Ringtone. Allows selection of separate video for contact.

videotones 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Videotones

Music Videos – Phoenix

Use app to watch videos on your Xoom or other Android tablet. A cool social app that pretty much does everything you’d ever want to do socially on a phone! Read more for the feature list.

music videos 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Music Videos – Phoenix

OE Records

Now streaming our entire catalog along with regular playlists, tour dates, video premieres, exclusive downloads and new album previews.

oe records 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download OE Records

Trey Songz


trey songs 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Trey Songz

Linkin Park

Official Linkin Park App. Watch LP videos, listen to music, follow the tour, share and download photos, and connect with other fans.

linkin park 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Linkin Park

Digimarc Discover

Digimarc Discover lets you use your Android phone to detect imperceptible digital watermarks in printed materials and to identify songs.

digimarc 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Digimarc Discover

Soft Rock 92.7 WOBM

Soft Rock 92.7 WOBM has made it even easier to listen live. But, more than that, you can check out lyrics as the songs play, see artist and album information, discover fresh new music, tag and buy favorite songs, and more.

soft rock 20 Best Android MP3 Players

Download Soft Rock 92.7 WOBM

Now that we have reach the end of the list, you have hopefully found an MP3 player app that will suit your needs if you want to take music with you on the go. Below, you will find some links to some other posts that we believe you will enjoy. Therefore, I highly suggest that you check them out. Also, feel free to leave a comment! We would love to hear from you.

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