10 Best Free iPhone Apps for Music Lovers

Do you remember when the only way to hear the music you wanted was to either tune into the radio and wait for it to come on, purchase an album from the record store, or to pay good money to go to a concert? Probably not, but there was a time when you couldn’t just download the best free iPhone apps and get streaming music instantly.

If you still don’t stream music, or use other fun iPhone apps for discovery, you’re missing out. A whole world of tunes is waiting for you online, all you have to do is use your phone and do a little bit of research. To get started, download seven of the best free iPhone apps for music lovers and find out what you’ve been missing out on.

Slacker Radio

This is one of the best free iPhone apps for listening to unlimited amounts of radio and user-generated playlists. It works better than other services like Pandora because it has no cap on the amount of time you can use it.


Songza is a mood, time and activity-based music app that plays certain songs depending on what you are doing. It will provide a different playlist depending on if you are driving in the morning or getting ready to go out at night.


If you have a giant music collection, it may be difficult to add new apps to your phone due to a lack of space. Audiogalaxy fixes this problem by syncing your entire iTunes library to a cloud based service that takes up far less of your available space than before.


Concert Vault

The Concert Vault is one of the best free apps for iPhone that provides you with a massive database of classic rock concerts for free. You can discover deep, hidden live tracks from your favorite artists that you never knew existed.

Local Concerts

Keep track of your favorite artists and when they are coming to your town with this fun iPhone app. Local Concerts scans your iTunes library and automatically tells you when artists from it will be playing by you.

Local Concerts
Local Concerts

Top 100s by Year

Are you feeling a bit nostalgic for a particular moment in time? Relive it by downloading this app that includes playlists of the top 100 songs by year. The app goes all the way back to 1947, so you will have plenty of content to listen to with this fun iPhone app.


When it comes to fun apps for iPhone, nothing beats Ocarina. While it’s not really a music discovery app, it does let you create your own tunes by blowing into your phone’s microphone and touch buttons on the screen to change the pitch.


Instead of just settling for what’s playing on the radio, use these apps to find music that truly captures your interest. You may get so into using these fun iPhone apps that you completely forget about what’s on the radio and start developing an awesome taste you can call your own.

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