5 Exclusive PSD of Business Card For SloDive Readers

We have come up with a striking and tempting offer for Slodive readers. We have 5 free business cards templates in PSD format along with their respective fonts used in the psd’s. Whats more, these business cards templates are released under free license so they can even be used for your business purpose. You will simply love the designs.

We are highly thankful to Fresh Business Cards, a group of highly talented creative people, who have generously shared their project with us. You can download all the templates in one go or individually.

PSD Template Design 1

Download PSD Template Design 1 FrontDownload PSD Template Design 1 Back

PSD Template Design 1

PSD Template Design 2

Download PSD Template Design 2 FrontDownload PSD Template Design 2 Back

PSD Template Design 2

PSD Template Design 3

Download PSD Template Design 3 FrontDownload PSD Template Design 3 Back

PSD Template Design 3

PSD Template Design 4

Download PSD Template Design 4 FrontDownload PSD Template Design 4 Back

PSD Template Design 4

PSD Template Design 5

Download PSD Template Design 5 FrontDownload PSD Template Design 5 Back

PSD Template Design 5

All In One Pack

Download PSD’s Templates with Fonts

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  • max

    cool collections.

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  • This blog is well appreciated by not only woman but men also.thanks for giving a great information to us.

  • Under

    I can say for a fact that I do not ‘love’ these designs.

    We have 5 ugly designs, posted in an odd format, with no separation between the front and back of the design, giving an odd proportion to the designs. All exhibit a poor use of type, fonts, and variety. Not one design uses an obvious (superior) grid model, and these amateur attempts should be ignored as even passable business card designs.

  • manonache

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    I call for to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  • Business Card Templates

    That is a pretty good deal, getting a free business card template. They are all pretty plain though. Number 2 and number 5 are the best ones. The bold red block looks 3D and makes the card pop. Number 5 looks clean and modern with the colored boxes around the text.

  • Interesting Article … Very useful for those that need a quick business card design … However, personally, I’d prefer it customized :) Thanks for the share

  • jorge

    thank you very much I find very useful, particularly to see how they did it because it is easy to edit, thanks

    • Glad you find them helpful Jorge.

  • I am pleased with the 2nd template design. But I need some cursive fonts to fill the text in it.

  • Manuel Garcia

    I just found out this post. Nice templates but honestly not that creative.

  • Jai

    PSD Template Design 4 is my pick in this collection. It’s very simple but it can really catch the attention of the people.

  • Salaxzar

    These b-cards are very simple and yet very elegant. Hats off to the creator!

  • The second and third business card looks great. Credits to the designer and creator of the cards. Nice share!

  • Simple yet admirable. I like the 4th one from this list of business card templates.

  • Kamal

    Cool collection. The business cards are simple, neat and eye-catching ones. I loved the 2nd and 3rd ones a lot.