The Top Tattoo Design Apps

Considering the fact that so many people have a hard time deciding what to get, tattoo design apps are extremely beneficial. Not only will they allow you to come up with a unique design, but they will also make the process fun, quick, and easy. Moreover, since whatever you get will be on you for the rest of your life, being original and taking your time will be hugely beneficial.

As opposed to choosing your tattoo from a book at the parlor you go to, simply check out some of the tattoo design apps listed below. Before you know it, you will have an over abundance over beautiful, visually pleasing tattoo designs, all ready to be transferred onto your skin. Additionally, unlike tattoos found online or in a catalog, the designs you craft will not be found on other individuals. This is because you are fully able to customize any designs found throughout the apps, making them true one-of-a-kind’s.

Since there are so many different apps to choose from, all tattoo design styles can be found. Therefore, whether you are interested in tribal, sailor jerry, dragon, traditional, or something completely different, you have an abundance of different choices. Additionally, most of the apps are free of charge, and can be downloaded on just about any platform or device.

1. The Tattoo Designs HD App

Highly regarded as one of the best apps in it’s field, Tattoo Designs HD provides users with a plethora of options, and is used by many people on all over the world.


Tattoo Designs HD

2. The 100 Demons App

The 100 Demons App is full of most dark and eerie designs, however, they can be customized, edited, and colored to fit almost an style.


100 Demons

3. The Tribal Tattoo Ideas App

For those interest in Tribal designs, Tribal Tattoo Ideas is a great choice!


Tribal Tattoo Ideas App

4. The 3D Tattoo Design App

Though you may need to find a skilled artist before transferring the design to your skin, this app is perfect for crafting 3D tattoos.


3D Tattoo Design App

5. The Japanese Tattoo Design V4 App

Though it caters more towards those interested in Japanese tattoos, there are other designs that can be crafted as well. Moreover, the app is completely free to all users.


Japanese Tattoo Design V4 App

6. The Tattoo Name Generator Design App

For those looking to get their name (or someone else’s name) tattooed on them. Not only does Tattoo Name Design help you come up with a unique shape, size, and color, it helps you choose the right font too.


Tattoo Name Generator Design App

7. The Sailor Jerry App

Often incorporating anchors, boats, birds, and women, this app caters more towards those interested in the Sailor Jerry style.


Sailor Jerry App

8. The Tattoo Design Dragon App

Since many dragon tattoo designs look relatively similar, this app helps you create one that is unique, and bound to stand out.


Tattoo Dragon Design App

9. The Tiger Tattoo Design App

Looking to get a tiger tattoo, but don’t know what to choose from? Believe it or not, there is an app specifically designed for that as well.


Tiger Tattoo Design App

10. The Tattoo Yourself App

The Tattoo Yourself App allows you to try out different tattoos and tattoo designs on actual photos of yourself from any device, to see how they will look.


The Tattoo Yourself App

11. The Tattoo You App

Great for any style, design, or tattoo. Much like Tattoo Yourself, this app also allows you to incorporate designs into photos of yourself.


The Tattoo You App

12. The Anchor Tattoo Design App

Considering the fact that anchor tattoos have become incredibly popular, it should come as no surprise that there is an app meant specifically for them.


The Anchor Tattoo Design App

13. The Tattoo Lettering Style App

Indicated by the name, this app is meant to help with lettering, fonts, and wording.


The Tattoo Lettering Style App


Whatever design style you are looking for, you are bound to found it here. The INKHUNTER app is incredibly easy to use, and works great with any and all tattoo design styles.



15. The Tattoos 4 Men App

For the men!


The Tattoos 4 Men App

16. The Tattoo Design Ideas For Girls App

For the ladies!


The Tattoo Design Ideas For Girls App

17. The Butterfly Tattoos App

Also catering more towards the ladies, this butterfly tattoo design app allows for the crafting of beautiful, eye-catching butterflies in a variety of different styles.


The Butterfly Tattoos App


While choosing a tattoo can be a pain for some people, those who use the apps above are rewarded with a unique and original design. In addition to making the entire tattoo designing process quick and easy, these apps also make people want to get tattooed more often, since they have so many great designs to choose from.

Whether you are looking to get a snake, a dragon, an angel, a samurai, an eagle, your name, or something completely different, the apps above are sure to be of help. In fact, even if you are not currently in the market for a tattoo, they are still fun to play around with.

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