5 Top Business Card Tips For Web Designers

Before the digital revolution, the simplest and most cost-effective way of making contact with new clients was by handing them your business card. But in today’s online age they may seem a little outdated, especially if you’re a web designer yourself.

Here we look at five reasons why it’s important for internet architects to still carry business cards and ways you can transform that tiny rectangle of card into a real showcase for your service, talents and creativity.

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It’s Good To Talk

As a web designer you probably spend most of your time behind your screen, either in the office, at home or in a coffee shop and the majority of your business transactions take place in digital format. That said; there can be no replacement for getting out, meeting clients and networking in person. Like an avid reader who claims that kindles and iPad’s can never replace the tangible experience of sitting down with a good book, handing over a business card is an instant, professional and personable way to introduce yourself.

Its good to talk

Captivating Creativity

Web design doesn’t only require impeccable technical know-how, you also need to be a genius when it comes to creative innovation too. And what better way to show your imagination and flair than adding a little creative oomph to your business cards? Look at using unusual materials like perspex, fabric or metal. Introduce a clever concept that explains your services in a slightly off the wall way, or shun the 2×3.52 format alltogether and go for something truly original – like these Lego men and women. If you’ve ever fancied having your own action figure here’s the next best thing. Each one has been styled to look like the person they represent, with printed names and contact details on their t-shirts; super-cute and impossible to forget.

Captivating creativity

Avoid The Embarrassment

One very good reason you should always carry some form of business card is that no-one likes being caught unawares. Picture the scene; you’re at a meeting with a prospective client; they appear interested in your skillset and portfolio; there’s a lot of money riding on the project; they ask for your business card; you stare back blankly. Not nice, eh? Failing to have a business card in itself renders your business less credible, regardless of whether you work from an office or from home. Stuttering your way through the reasons you don’t have a business card can make you look downright unprofessional.

No Excuses

Sure, you’re a web designer by trade, but surely when it comes to whipping up a hot business card your skills are more than up for the challenge? Keep your design classic and clean if you’re not 100% confident and find yourself a printer who knows what’s they are doing. What’s more, in such a competitive market as business card production you can be sure of finding some real bargain deals out there. Shop around for the best price and order as many as you can afford to keep the price per unit as low as possible. And if saying this is the equivalent of teaching granny to suck eggs, then you know there really is no excuse for someone in your field to be without a show-stopping calling card.

No excuses

The Element Of Trust

You may be the most talented web designer out there with an all-singing all-dancing portfolio to your name. So why would you let down your back catalogue by failing to top it off with the simplest of self-promotional items? Potential clients can be a little skeptical when meeting a random individual who is offering to freelance for them – even if you’re meeting up through a business referral. So give yourself every opportunity to enhance your portfolio and strengthen your reputation as a contact they can trust.

The element of trust

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