Top 5 Hair Color Ideas for Going Dark

Summer is rapidly winding down, and you may start to feel as though maintenance on your highlights is becoming too expensive and worrisome. As fall approaches, more women start considering darker hair color ideas to save money and create a seasonally appropriate style. Darker colors do not have to mean that your hair is boring, drab or flat; in fact, a variety of new products and short haircuts for women can emphasize your style while introducing a darker color palette. Experts in the field give these tips for returning to your roots during this winter season.

Top 5 Hair Color Ideas for Going Dark

1. Consider coloring your hair at home. To add a darker hue without going dark-black goth, consider using an at-home semi-permanent option that is a couple shades darker than your current color. Choose a warmer, golden tone that is closest to your natural hue – if you are not sure what your natural color looks like, check your eyebrows for reference. The warmer shades will darken all of your hair evenly, allowing highlights to peek through even as you transition into the cooler months.

2. Ooh and ahh over ombre. If you are not ready to let go of every inch of lighter color, consider this most modern of hair color ideas. The transition from dark to light allows you to grow out your roots in style, regardless of whether you want to go au naturel indefinitely. The ombre hair look is designed to highlight the grown-out roots phenomenon. You can even purchase ombre hair coloring kits at your local drugstore, allowing you to save even more time and money while making this transition.



3. Go for honey, honey. This lighter version of a brunette classic is making waves in the celebrity community as stylish trendsetters such as Angelina Jolie adopt the honey-brown hue. This hair color idea should be used with caution, however, as those who are not prone to bold makeup could become washed-out with the warm hue. A variety of cute hairstyles can be accented through the use of a winter-appropriate honey brown – just make sure you have the complexion for it.

honey brown

Honey Color

4. This is the most versatile hair color for those who are seeking access to their darker side. Cute hairstyles and hair color ideas abound for those with chestnut tones; this color is appropriate for the vast majority of complexions. Those with fair skin and darker brown eyes will look especially striking with this chocolate tone, which should be enhanced with spots of red and caramel for maximum dimension.

5. Black-out. For the ultimate bold transition from summer to winter looks, go for broke and take your short hairstyle to the black side. Stylists caution that this major move should be approached gradually to prevent a Wednesday Addams phenomenon. Those with olive complexions are generally best-suited for this striking option.



Even if you have never chosen a darker shade, consider perking up your fall style with a warm, stylish new look.

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