How To Land Jobs On Upwork (A Guide For Novice Freelancers)

In addition to being one of the most well-known freelancing platforms in the world, Upwork is also a place for inexperienced freelance workers to build a quality reputation. Since most outside companies get a surplus of applications and rarely accept (or even read through) those submitted by the novice, many aspiring writers, designers, and editors start out through online platforms such as Upwork in order to find work and build a great foundation for their company. Though landing online jobs on a regular basis is no walk in the park, it can be done, and is truly not as hard as most people think it is.

Apply Only For Jobs You Are Sure You Can Complete

how to get work on upwork

Though applying for as many jobs as you can each and every day may seem like an approach that will put the odds of landing a job in your favor, it is a truly terrible and destructive idea. Of course you may land “more” jobs by emptying all of the Upwork credits you have in your first week, but you won’t be landing the “right” jobs. This will not only lead to unhappy customers leaving bad reviews, but it will also cause your profile’s appeal to plummet, fast.

However, when taking the quality over quantity approach and only applying for jobs that you know you can handle, you will have a much happier cliental, a much more appealing profile, and a much easier time landing more jobs in the future. In fact, since one of the ways Upwork allows you to modify job searches is by filtering the experience level that each potential client is looking for, applying for the right jobs is a rather easy task.

Complete Your Profile 100%


Complete Your Profile 100%

In order to climb the Upwork ladder and be seen by quality clients, you must complete your profile. A complete profile will not only make you look great in the eyes of potential clients, but it will also allow you to place higher in Upwork’s search results. For those who are unaware, Upwork has a “rising talent” feature, in which novice freelancers are placed in front and suggested to certain clients. However, you are only able to be featured if your profile is fully completed.

There Are Many Different Ways Of Completing Your Profile


There Are Many Different Ways Of Completing Your Profile


Since some freelancers may not have a degree, a website, or enough portfolio pieces to upload, Upwork gives freelancers a number to complete their profile. The different profile completion possibilities are listed on the website and are very easy to follow. In fact, as long as you have a solid bio, a picture, and some reference work, you shouldn’t have a difficult with this.

Offer To Submit A Free Piece Of Work (In Order To Prove Yourself)


Offer To Work For Free At First

Assuming you’re applying for the right jobs and can complete all of the work that is needed, offering to work for free at first is highly beneficial. This is a bold strategy, however, it does pay off in the long run as long as you deliver quality work.

By presenting potential clients with no-risk offers, your chances of landing each job will skyrocket almost immediately, and as long as you deliver your work on time, you’re sure to get some great feedback too. This will not only form an trusting bond between you and the client, but it will also allow you to get your feet wet before moving forward.

Complete All Of Your Jobs


Complete All Of Your Jobs

Before looking to land “more” online jobs, it is important that you complete your “current” online jobs. Though this should go without saying, many novice freelancers spread themselves too thin by applying to jobs before completing all of their work. Not only will this leave your current clients dissatisfied while you’re barely meeting deadlines, but it will also cause your Upwork rating to spiral downward.

Since many clients require freelancer workers to have a certain job completion rating in order to apply to their posts, this is extremely important and should not be overlooked. In fact, if you look at the profiles of Upwork’s top freelancers, you will see that most of them score very well in this department.

Log A Lot Of Hours


Log A Lot Of Hours

Something else that Upwork takes into consideration when rating your profile is the amount of hours that you have logged. Since this provides potential clients with an idea of how much Upwork experience you already have, it is important that you log as many hours as you can right from the get-go. Additionally, logged and relevant hours lead to guaranteed payments, as opposed to fixed priced jobs that must be approved by each client.

Get Back To People Quickly


Get Back To People Quickly

Another easy way to land more online jobs through Upwork is by getting back to people quickly. Though this may not seem direly important to some people, quick responses go a long way, especially since clients have a lot of applicants to speak with.

Fill Out Your Application Well, and Read Through Everything


Fill Out Your Application Well, and Read Through Everything

Since many people aimlessly send out applications to every job they come across, Upwork clients have learned how to “code” their job posts. They do this by asking each applicant to write a certain word or phrase at the top of their application, and include this request randomly in the job post. That way, only those who read through the entire post will know how to proceed. Since this allows bogus applicants to be weeded out almost instantly, those who take their time are often the ones who land the jobs.


Though the Upwork job offers may not start flooding in right for you off the bat, as long as you are persistent and follow the useful tips above, you’re bound to get some work soon. Moreover, by simply meeting your deadlines, turning in quality work, and creating a great profile for potential clients to see, you will be well on your way to future jobs as well!

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