How To Design A Tattoo

Whether you are already covered in ink, or looking to get your first tattoo, the guide below should certainly be of help. Considering the fact that so many people regret the tattoos they get, properly planning out your design is largely beneficial and always recommended. As opposed to looking through different parlors’ sample books for ideas and ending up with a common, not very unique design, take a look through the guide below and decide what you truly want. Not only will it provide you with a surefire way of designing a great tattoo, but the process is also somewhat enjoyable.

Choose The Right Tattoo Style For Your Design


Choose The Right Tattoo Style For Your Design

The first, and perhaps the most important step when designing your tattoo, is choosing the style that you want. Since there are so many different tattoo design styles to choose from, looking through all of them can be rather time consuming. However, by finding some tattoos online that you like, and finding out what style they are, the process should be quick and easy.

While many people go with either traditional, sailor jerry, or tribal, some of the other styles may better fit what you are looking to do. Ultimately, it all depends on personal taste, and the design that you are looking to get.

Make Sure Your Design Has A Strong Meaning Behind It


Make Sure Your Design Has A Strong Meaning Behind It

Since this tattoo design will be on you for the rest of your life, the meaning and symbolism behind it is extremely important. If you are putting your own unique twist on an already-known symbol, such as a cross, dragon, or phrase, then this should come easy. However, if you are designing your own tattoo or symbol, then you should think of what you want it to represent.

No matter what your tattoo is, you can expect to get questions on it’s meaning, which is why really taking the time to design something significant to you is so beneficial.

Be Sure Your Desired Location Compliments Your Design (and isn’t too painful)


Be Sure Your Desired Location Compliments Your Design (and isn’t too painful)

The big question – where are you getting it? If you are your own person or your own boss, then the location of your tattoo may not matter quite as much. However, if you are like most people, and have a normal 9-5 office job, then getting your tattoo somewhere hidden is highly advised. Moreover, the location you are wanting to get tattooed will largely dictate the size, shape, and details of your design. For instance, if you are wanting to get tattooed on your back, then you have a lot of room to work with and can most likely get away with a large design, but if you are wanting to get tattooed on your ankle, foot, arm, or elbow, then your design should be small and subtle. Ultimately, you just want to make sure that your design’s size and shape will fit well on the area you choose.

Certain spots such as the neck, chest, rib cage, and hip, also tend to hurt more when getting tattooed, whereas the arms, legs, and wrists are just mildly painful.

Budget Out The Cost and Tip


Budget Out The Cost and Tip

Though it may not be the first thing you think of when designing your tattoo, cost is extremely important. Considering the fact that many well-thought out and highly-detailed tattoo designs will require multiple sessions for the artist to complete, cost can certainly sneak up on you. Therefore, before going in for your first session, it is highly recommended you speak with different artists, let them know your budget, and find out how many sessions it will take. You should also factor in a little extra for the tip.

Make Sure To Choose The Right Tattoo Shop


Make Sure You Choose The Right Tattoo Shop

Since there are so many different tattoo shops around now, this too can be rather difficult. However, choosing the right parlor is extremely important. While some shops have friendly, outgoing employees, others have rude individuals running the counter. Not only will this make your first experience un-enjoyable, but it will also be more difficult to talk with them and plan out exactly what you want. However, if the parlor you choose has a friendly team and positive atmosphere, then speaking with them should come easy.

Make Sure To Choose The Right Tattoo Artist


Choose The Right Tattoo Artist

Much like choosing the wrong parlor, choosing the wrong artist can be detrimental. While the highly sought out, famed tattoo artists online tend to charge a lot for their services, local artists do a great job and are much more affordable.

Since many people choose to have all of their work done by one person, finding a great artist that you trust can bring long term benefits as well. 

If in fact there are no local artists that you like, don’t rush things and have your design tattooed on you by someone you don’t trust. It is better to take your time and wait for the right artist to come around. Local shops hire new people all of the time, each specializing in their own style.

If you happen to have a friend who is experienced in the art of tattooing, then that would of course make things even easier.




Depending on what style you choose, color can also be important. While some people prefer simple black and white designs, others enjoy colorful pieces, and while some styles look great colorless, some need it in order to shine.

Color can also cost extra, so instead of cheaping out and doing your design an injustice, just take some time to save up. That way, when you do have enough cash, you get exactly what you want.


No matter what design you come up with, or how many tattoos you have gotten already, you should always be sure of yourself before entering a shop. Too many people end up full of regret after letting the overwhelming excitement of being tattooed get to them.

Though designing your tattoo may take some time, the guide above should make the process quick and easy.

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