Decorative Christmas Tree Designs

Amidst the holiday season, many are in search of decorative design ideas for their tree. Since these are not easy to think up independently, researching different designs online can certainly be of help. 

Listed below are 10 of the most popular and decorative Christmas tree ideas and designs.

Silver and White Christmas Tree Designs


Silver and White Christmas Tree Designs

Though the color scheme is rather simple, Silver and white Christmas Tree Designs look incredible and are used by many individuals.

Silver and white Christmas tree designs not only help remind us of snow and the winter during the holiday season, but they also go with just about any house color, and look great with light-colored bulbs.

Edible Christmas Tree Designs


Edible Christmas Tree Designs

What is better than having a great looking tree during the holiday season? Having a great looking tree that you can eat during the holiday season!

Though hanging food up in your house for weeks at a time may not sound too great, decorating your tree in an edible way is truly one of the best Christmas tree ideas, and many people seem to enjoy it. In fact, certain websites even provide recipes for those looking to design their tree with Christmas foods.

Commonly used edible ornaments include biscuits, cookies, popcorn, and ice cream cones. Recipes can be found through,, and

Family Photo and Memory Christmas Tree Designs


Family Photo and Memory Designs

By simply snapping photos throughout the year, you can transform your Christmas tree into one big family memory.

In addition to drinking hot chocolate and waiting for more snow to fall, you and your family can recall all of the fun moments you have had throughout the year.

By simply printing out the pictures you want to use and buying frames to put them in, you can load up your tree with photos from different holidays, birthdays, and vacations, while making sure to take more for next year too!

“Match Your House” Christmas Tree Designs


Match Your House Designs

For those who like to keep things organized (or for those who suffer from OCD), matching your houses decor with your tree is extremely beneficial. Not only will your tree fit right in, but your entire home will remained balanced as well.

Fortunately, Christmas trees now come in a wide range of colors and styles, therefore, whether your home is contemporary, traditional, dark, or light, you have many viable options.

Tree-Skirt Christmas Tree Designs


Tree-Skirt Designs

Though they are often covered by presents, tree-skirts can really help to balance out your tree. Tree-skirts come in a variety of different styles, and can even be customized with family photos, quotes, and unique designs through certain online retailers.

Tree-skirts are not only great for laying presents upon, they are great to design as well!

Instead of using normal snow covered skirts, many people prefer to design their own. Much like with making DIY designs and spray painting your tree, creating your own Christmas tree skirts is fun and enjoyable for everyone included.

In fact, many people spend a lot of time with this, and even post pictures of their self-made skirts on social media for all to see.

Different design ideas include burlap tree-skirts, quilted tree-skirts, reversible tree-skits, modern tree-skirts, vintage tree-skirts and more.

DIY Christmas Tree Designs


DIY Christmas Tree Designs

Handcrafting tree decorations is a great idea for loved ones and family members looking to have fun during the holiday season.

As opposed to hanging up the same decorations as you did the year before, why not create your own handcrafted ornaments by using paint, sticks, glue, paper, and scissors?

This is not only enjoyable for kids, but for adults as well. In fact, trying to think up new ornament ideas each and every year can really become somewhat of a hobby.

Many DIY Christmas tree ideas can be found online for those looking to get a gist of exactly where to start.

Colorful Christmas Tree Designs


Colorful Christmas Tree Designs

For those who are really wanting their tree to stick out, colorful designs will certainly do the trick.

Colorful trees are extremely vibrant, and since they are only around for a month or two at most, even those with basic colored house decor enjoy their presence. Also, due to the fact that any color goes with this particular design, colorful trees are extremely beneficial for those with young children wanting to help decorate or buy some new ornaments.

Spray Paint Christmas Tree Designs


Spray Paint Christmas Tree Designs

Even though they are rather unconventional and many are unaware of they even exist, spray painted Christmas trees are starting to become somewhat common amongst those with artificial trees. In fact, by simply obtaining an artificial Christmas tree, acrylic spray paint, and a paint brush for added texture and detail, you too can have a spray painted tree this holiday season.

While many people do throw their spray painted trees away after the holiday season is over, some people prefer to keep them for years at a time, painting them a different color each and every year. If they don’t like the color of their tree, they can just change it with some paint as opposed to going out and buying a new one!

Not only will this give your tree a unique and original look each and every year, but it will provide you with a fun family project for the holidays as well.

It is highly advised that you paint your tree outdoors or in a room with open windows to the outside so that the spray paint is not inhaled.


Whether you are looking to reminisce on family memories, eat the ornaments on your tree, match the tone of your house, or paint the tree yourself, the designs and ideas listed above are sure to be of help. In addition to serving as ways to make sure your tree looks great, these Christmas tree ideas may be also be of interest to families looking for a creative hobby.


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