Ten Cinema 4D Video Tutorials To Get You Up & Running In 3D

Of all the 3D software programs available C4D is said to be the easiest to learn and the most intuitive which is why the program has absolutely taken off. It’s almost become an extension to Photoshop and designers are expected to know and be able to incorporate the program into their bag of tricks. If your like me and open the program and think to yourself where do I even start, then these tutorials should get you up and running.

Text Spline Basics & How To Animate It

Add some curves to your text and depth to make for some really interesting animations.

Create A Simple 3D Image In Cinema 4D

Nick Campbell walks through the entire process of creating a simple 3d image to rendering out and tweaking in Photoshop.

How to Export Your Scene From Cinema 4D to After Effects

Learn how to setup youor cinema 4d project so it can easily be exported into After Effects to save
yourself time in rendering / experimenting.

Backgound Compositing

Take a 2D image as a background to interact with a Cinema 4D object.

Using HDRI in Cinema 4D

Take advantage of HDR images and learn how to use them to create amazing reflections.

Create A Simple Abstract Shape And How To Experiment With Lighting

Some great ideas here for learning to experiment with lighting by creating simple abstract shapes.

Create Mac OSX Intro Video with C4D – Part 1

Create Mac OSX Intro Video with C4D – Part 2

Use Mograph To Create An Awesome Sci FI Mock Up

Learn How To Create Depth Of Field

Cinema 4D basics: Depth of Field from rob redman on Vimeo.

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