9 Cool Photoshop Tutorials You’ve Got to Try

If you have ever been envious of the fantastical graphics and photographs you see sprinkled across the web, take heart. With a few well-chosen and cool Photoshop tutorials, you can keep up with the Web’s imaging trends as well as the next guy. Photoshop tutorials not only teach you how to use some of the most obscure tools packed inside this iconic software, they also put you on the fast-track to becoming an artistic designer able to keep pace with the needs of today’s Web users.

SloDive’s round-up of 9 of the Internet community’s cool Photoshop tutorials offers something for everyone. From drawing objects to rendering 3D effects, we show you how to get it done and present yourself as a master of both Photoshop and graphic design.

Create Objects from Scratch

Pick your poison with cool Photoshop tutorials in which you can create something from, well, nothing. All you need is the software and a little time.
• Beverage Can: This tutorial teaches you how to make a soda can. Coke is protected by trademark, but you can use these steps to create your own beverage brand.

beverage can
Beverage Can

• Electric Guitar: Tighten up your artistic skills by drawing and coloring this electric guitar that looks a lot like the real thing.

Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar

• Nintendo Wii U Controller: Image: This entry in the list of cool Photoshop tutorials is deceptively simple and helps you render a real-looking Wii controller in just a few steps.

Nintendo Wii U Controller
Nintendo Wii U Controller

Make 3D Graphics

So real they almost jump right off of your computer screen, these cool Photoshop tutorials will make you look like a professional designer.
• 3D Earth Globe: You never know when you’ll need a 3D Earth model. Now you can make your own with Photoshop’s toolkit.

3D Earth Globe
3D Earth Globe

• 3D Puzzle: This project is so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

3D Puzzle
3D Puzzle

• 3D Key: A simple key takes on a whole new dimension when you make it yourself from scratch. Follow these easy yet detailed steps to create your key. It also includes instructions for making the 3D background.

3D Key
3D Key

Retro and Vintage Graphics

Old is in; at least when it comes to graphics. Learn how to join the trend with these cool Photoshop tutorials that bring the past into focus.
• B Movie Poster: Combine text with old photographs and design elements to make a charming retro movie poster.

Movie Poster
B Movie Poster

• Basic Vintage Effect: The web offers a ton of cool Photoshop tutorials that give modern photographs a vintage look. This is one of the easiest to execute.

Basic Vintage Effect
Vintage Effect

• 60s Psychedelic Poster: Nothing says retro like a 1960s style concert poster. This easy tutorial is one of the best entries on any current list of cool Photoshop tutorials.

60s Psychedelic Poster
60s Psychedelic Poster

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