8 Tips for Picking a Great Hairstyle

Choosing a new hairstyle can be seriously intimidating. Your hair drastically impacts the way that you look, perhaps more than anything else. You want to find cute hairstyles that are going to make you look your best, but, even if the model looks great in the picture, it can be hard to visualize that look on yourself. How do you find one that will be exactly what you want? Scroll down to check out some tips for picking a great hairstyle.


The trick is to do as much research as you can before you settle on any specific hairstyle. The more you know about it, the easier it is to decide if it will work. Remember that it is going to define your look and your sense of style for months until it grows out. It is worth taking a little bit of time to make sure that you will like it before you commit yourself to this new do.

Medium Length
Shoulder Length

8 Tips for Picking a Great Hairstyle

1. Look at your hairline. If you have always had long hair, short hairstyles are going to expose your hairline more than it has been exposed in the past. Make sure that you like the way that it looks before cutting away that hair.

2. Examine different pictures. For almost every hairstyle, you can find a model already sporting it. This should not be the last step, since it could look different on you, but it is a great first step and can help you know what you want.

Medium Length
Medium Length

3. Look at celebrities. Often, it is easier to find cute hairstyles on celebrities than models because you can find candid pictures of these people out and about, rather than just studio pictures, so you see what it looks like in real life.

4. Talk to your hairstylist. She or he can give you some pointers based on experience. She or he may have seen people looking for similar short hairstyles in the past.

5. Ask your friends. Find a friend who will give you honest feedback and ask what she or he would think. A friend can often give you an objective viewpoint that it is very hard to find yourself.

6. Consider all of your options. Ideally, you want to pick out three to five new styles that you are interested in, and then you can work your way down. Do not limit yourself too much at the beginning.

7. Ask if other people have tried similar cuts. Do you have a friend who always manages to pull off the newest cute hairstyles? He or she has experience just like your stylist, though from the other side of the equation.

8. Pick a style that can be covered up. Just in case you make a mistake and then hate the new hairstyle, choose one that can easily be fixed with a quick trim.

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