8 Tattoo Ideas for an Arm Sleeve

It’s no longer a social faux pas to sport a full-sleeve arm tattoo in today’s culture. Every professional from web designers to personal trainers to small business owners is capable of incorporating their unique tattoo ideas into a single, comprehensive and impressive piece. While you can start a sleeve with just one tattoo and build on it, it is best to go into a tattoo shop with a plan of action. Here are several tattoo ideas to get your sleeve started.

Floral Patterns

Floral tattoo ideas can range from realistic to fantastical. Opt for a single shade mixed with well-defined outlines to create dramatic rose designs up and down your arm or choose looser, more cloud-like patterns mixed with lighter colors for a more cartoonish feel. Flower vines are also great to wrap around your arm.

floral pattern
Floral Patterns

Tattoo Quotes

If you are in the middle of a sleeve tattoo on your arm and need something to fill in space, consider choosing a tattoo quote that complements the rest of your artwork. Quotes can be inspirational and fluffy for lighter pieces or morbid and irreverent for darker sleeves.

Super Mario Brothers

Incorporate your favorite video game or cartoon into a sleeve tattoo for a single, cohesive piece that lets you relive your favorite pop culture moments.

super mario
Super Mario Brothers

Splatter/Abstract Tattoo Ideas

If you are in the market for a cool sleeve, but out of ideas, allow your tattoo artists to create an abstract art piece that covers your entire arm. The artwork can contain several non-traditional elements such as splatters, fades, cross-stitching and other asymmetrical patterns not commonly seen in the tattoo world.

Sacred Geometry

For the opposite tattoo idea of splatter and abstract pieces, deck your arm out with carefully planned geometrical patterns most commonly found in churches, temples, mosques and other religious monuments.

Tribal Tattoos

Getting a tribal tattoo design is a great way to fill up space on your arm. There are many great cultures to choose from, such as island cultures of Samoans and Polynesians to Northern European designs of ancient Vikings and Celts.

tribal tattoo
Tribal Tattoos

Dark Imagery

Ravens, skulls, spiderwebs and snakes all make for very intimidating tattoo ideas. Focus your entire sleeve on one, intricate design of a dark image and adorn the rest with tattoo quotes, large areas of flames, dark clouds or snake patterns for a frightening array of imagery.

Film Strip Tattoo Ideas

What is your number one passion in life? If it is film/movies, get a film strip tattoo that starts at the base of your wrist and works its way up to your shoulder. In the parts of your arm without any strips, add tattoo quotes and imagery from your favorite films. If you are into another kind of art, find your favorite medium and add imagery and quotes from the masters of your particular craft.

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