7 Reasons to Download the Best Free WordPress Themes

You’ve undoubtedly heard about it, but have you actually looked into starting your own website using WordPress? Millions of people, organizations and businesses use the network in order to get their information, ideas and artwork out to a large audience with an easy-to-use and affordable system. The best part about it is that you don’t even need to know basic HTML, CSS, design or coding if you download one of the best free WordPress themes available through many different websites. If you have been considering getting your own website, but putting it off, consider one of these reasons why you should get started on WordPress.

Freedom of Speech

Do you want to take full advantage of your rights as an Internet user? Self-publishing is the best way to fully realize your opinions and views, and by downloading any of the available free premium WordPress themes, you begin your journey as one of the many voices available to those looking for premium web content.

Freedom of Speech

Ease of Use

WordPress is not just for code geeks and graphic designers. Instead, it is designed for anyone who is interested in starting their own website or blog. When you sign up for an account, most of the features on the website are idiot-proof and installing the best free WordPress themes is a snap.

Ease of Use
Ease of Use


As mentioned above, some of the best free WordPress themes are available to you with just a simple Google search. Whether you want a newsy/journalistic style to your website or an artistic bent to express your creativity, cool designs are abundant for download.

Ability to Track Your Visitors

WordPress gives you the ability to see who is visiting your website without the need to download expensive and cumbersome tracking software. The cool design of your WordPress “Stats” page allows you to see who is visiting your website by day, week and month. It even allows you to see which channel gains you the most traffic: from web search, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and every other social service.

Ability to Track Your Visitors
Ability to Track Your Visitors

Interactive Blogging Community

WordPress isn’t just the best place to set up your website, it is also a connected community full of like-minded people interested in expressing themselves. WordPress acts like a social media network where you can explore and comment on blogs you may be interested in.

Ability to Synchronize Your Social Media

Are you tired of posting links to your blog posts on each and every social media network you use? WordPress takes care of this problem by allowing you to synch your favorite social media networks to automatically update whenever you make a new post.

Relatively Affordable Domain Names

In addition to proving you with the best free premium WordPress themes, WordPress also makes it easy to host your website and to find a great .com domain name. Basic packages are available for approximately $20 a year, so get up and find some of the best free WordPress themes to start your website or blog today.

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