7 Photoshop Tutorials Every Beginner Needs to Know

If you are a photographer, web designer, or any other kind of creative professional, not knowing the basic functions of Photoshop will hamper your career. Even creatives such as writers and small business owners get a lot of benefit from knowing how to get around in Photoshop. Aside from col designs and awesome Photoshop effects, knowing the program gives you practical technical skills that translate in several different fields. If you are interested in kicking your skills up a notch, check out Photoshop tutorials that will help you build skills in the following areas.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Before you get started with anything it Photoshop, it is vital to know the different keyboard shortcuts available to you. Not only will they help expedite your work-flow in the program, they will also help you perform tasks not possible when you use drop menus and buttons on their own.


Layers are the basis on what Photoshop is based on. Every image, selection, painting and object can be placed on multiple layers or combined into one single layer. Layers towards the top of the menu appear on top of layers on the bottom. Find a Photoshop tutorial that teaches you how to use layers to enhance your designs.


Saving for Web vs. Print

For Photoshop users who are not designers, knowing the difference between web and print formats will save you a lot of headache. Web files are often smaller to save bandwidth and use RGB colors supported by computers. Print files use CMYK and are meant to be printed on inkjets and other printers.

Resizing Your Images

Another important task for non-designers is understanding how to resize images. Find a Photoshop tutorial that teaches you about pixel sizes, free transformations, cropping and how to properly use dpi for your project.

Using Adjustment Curves

For cool designs and photos that truly pop, get to know the adjustment curves option in Photoshop. This tool allows you to control different color channels so you can emphasize certain colors and change the darkness and lightness of your photos.

Understanding the Pen Tool

Learning the pen tool is a scary prospect for many beginners and even for some already accomplished designers. But when you get to know the pen tool, you can make efficient cuts in your photos that will lead to detailed and accurate selections for professional designs.
Pen Tool

Layer Styles

After getting to know the layers menu on your Photoshop, you can start messing around with different layer styles. This tool allows you to add shadows, contours, glows, pattern overlays and borders to your layers with ease.

Layer Styles

There are many great books and online sources available for Photoshop tutorials, but if you perform searches, you will find that there is a stunning range of free material for learning all kinds of Photoshop effects. When learning the program, make sure to stray from Photoshop tutorials so you can learn at your own pace.

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