6 Ways to Get A Sleeve Tattoo You’ll Never Regret

Feelings may fade, but a tattoo is forever.

If you are considering a full-sleeve tattoo, you have probably put a lot of thought into the design, placement and size of the piece. There are so many tattoo sleeve ideas that the decision can easily feel overwhelming. It might not surprise you that many people ultimately regret getting a sleeve tattoo, but you might be shocked to know why they hate their body art. Even though most people fall in love with the idea of having a full sleeve, they do not always adequately research the techniques for getting the best bang for their buck.

Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve Tattoos

People get tattoos for a lot of reasons. You might feel like you want to join the crowd, impress others or even make your parents mad (for those in the younger set). Be sure that you want a tattoo for the right reasons, especially if you are committing to a full-sleeve design. You will also want to make sure that your tattoo ideas mesh with your life goals and personal style. Remember that knowledge is the key to having the best tattoo experience that will leave you with a beautiful piece of art for the rest of your life.

Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Arm Sleeve Tattoos

6 Ways to Get a Sleeve Tattoo You’ll Never Regret

  1. Fine-tune the placement of the tattoo. No one wants a poorly executed tattoo. Crooked tattoos can turn your fantasy design into a nightmare. Be sure that your artist understands your tattoo ideas and follows through with the correct design. Make sure that the artist knows what you want before the needle hits skin.
  2. Figure out how much you want to spend. The reality is that sleeve tattoos are probably going to cost thousands of dollars; be sure that you have saved up to hire a good artist.
  3. Put a lot of thought into what you want to get. Choose something that matches your personality. Flash art on the walls of tattoo shops is designed to draw customers in, not to actually put on your body, especially as part of a high-quality sleeve.
  4. Don’t just choose a tattoo from the Internet. Your tattoo is supposed to be an expression of your personal preferences, not someone else’s! Even if you find something you like on the Web, consider it an inspiration and not a model to be copied.
  5. Research your tattoo artist. Make sure that the artist and shop are certified as safe by the health department, and check that the artist specializes in the art style you prefer.
  6. Wait for a while to make sure you like the design. Some people even paste the tattoo sketch on their wall to see if they like looking at it every day! You need to be absolutely sure that you love the design before you commit to a sleeve tattoo.

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