6 Uses for an Old English Font

When you come across an old English font, you are going to first be struck by how different it is from more modern font designs. Most modern fonts are focused around readability. They tend to be very square and blocky. The shapes are well defined, and it is actually hard to confuse one letter with the next. They are made for a world in which people want to read very quickly.


However, old English letters are much fancier. They are more artistic. It might take you a minute to read them correctly if you are not used to them. They come from a time in which the art of making letters was valued a bit more than it is today, and they have some of that old world charm to them. Because of this, there are many things that you can do with a font like this that will give you a very interesting finished product.



6 Uses for an Old English Font

1. Making cool tattoos. If you want, you could have your new tattoo spelled out in one of these fonts. Other people make cool tattoos just by choosing one letter that means something to them and having it inked out in a very large font. For example, someone from Detroit might choose the old English “D” that has been the symbol for the Tigers and Red Wings.


Letter D

2. Branding your company. Your company needs to be branded in a way that is memorable, that sets it apart. Even if you are selling very modern items to modern buyers, why not use an old English font that will catch their attention? The more attention it draws in, the better.

3. Publishing a book. If you are going to publish your own book, you could use this font for the cover design. It would not be good to print the entire book in the font since it could be hard to read, but using it for the cover and the chapter titles gives your work a nice style without being overwhelming.

4. Creating a blog. Similarly, you could use it when you are making your new blog. You could use the font for your title at the top of the page and the subtitles at the top of each post.

5. Printing a CD jacket. These days, most bands have to put out their own CDs before they are discovered. Why not use old English letters on the jacket so that it stands out and brings in new fans?

6. Decorating your home. Finally, you could write up a favorite saying in an old English font, print it off, put in on a backing board, frame it, and hang it up in your home as a decoration.

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