5 Reasons Why Cursive Letters Aren’t Going Away in Design

There is a recent trend in primary schools to get rid of handwriting and penmanship classes in order to focus on more modern, useful skills. Because of this trend in education, many people believe that cursive letters have seen their final days. While many people will never need to know how to write in perfect cursive, or regular handwriting for that matter, cool fonts featuring cursive motifs will become more popular in graphic design and art.

Interactive Mobile Design

More and more people are getting their news, entertainment and advertising from mobile devices. While there is a big trend toward white space and readable text, websites and applications rely on attractive, attention-grabbing headers with bold cursive letters in order to attract potential viewers. These cursive letters will be accompanied by bright colors and interesting design patterns that contrast from content for the purpose of branding.

The Downfall of Helvetica

One of the biggest trends in design over the past couple of years has been a return to simplicity and minimalism. This has led to graphic designers and typographers relying on fonts like Helvetica and Arial for all of their projects. Because of this reliance on basic, sometimes boring fonts, more designers will turn to cursive letters and cool fonts in order to stand out and get their work noticed.

Tattoo Lettering

Tattoo culture has gone from biker gangs and sailors to mainstream society. Now everyone from web designers to bartenders adorns some form of ink on their body with cool tattoo lettering. With the rise in popularity of tattoos, artists will have to offer more cursive letter options for people looking to get inked.

Cursive Letters1

Tattoo Lettering

Rustic Restaurants and Artisan Cocktails

Discerning consumers are becoming more demanding of what they eat and drink when they go out for the night. This has led to the rise of organic, locally-sourced restaurants and craft cocktail bars staffed by hipsters in vests and ties. These restaurants use menus with cursive letters and adorn their walls with retro-signage that sets them apart from chain restaurants that do not offer the same culinary fare.


Artisan Cocktails

The Rise of Letterpress Shops

Some people say that print is dead, but if you walk around any urban arts area, you will find letterpress shops opening up on every block. These shops rely on fancy cursive letters and cool fonts to create custom wedding invitations, stationery, concert posters and other printed goods for people who are tired of conventional, flat printing methods.

Letterpress Shops

While it may not be important to know how to write in cursive letters anymore, learning about the style should be an essential part of any typography or art class in schools across America because of its unique cultural impact.

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