5 Ideas for Cool Backgrounds for Your Computer

Having cool backgrounds on your computer is a great way to change your experience while using the computer. Think of it like decorating. Instead of hanging a picture on the wall, you are just putting one on the computer screen. The difference is that you are actually going to look at this picture far more than you would look at one on the wall since you use your computer for school, work, and pleasure.

cool background
Cool Background

Fortunately, finding an awesome background is not very hard. You just have to consider the things that you like the most that connect with you personally. When you get a picture of something that you already love, you are going to like it that much more. If you are having trouble thinking of something, though, there are five popular ideas listed below, things that many other people just like you tend to love.

5 Ideas for Cool Backgrounds for Your Computer

1. Landscapes. If you are in need of cool wallpapers, look no further. The natural world is beautiful and astounding. You can find pictures of sweeping mountain ranges or pristine islands sitting on blue-green waters. If you love to travel and do not have the time to do it as often as you would like, a background can help take you away to other countries and continents.


2. Movie posters. Everyone loves movies, and you can find high definition movie posters that you can use as your background. The best part about this is that you can easily change them to reflect the newest movies coming out, or you can stick with the classics.

3. Book covers. Similarly, book covers can be used as backgrounds. This is becoming even more popular in recent times since eBooks are also growing in popularity. Almost every book that comes out now comes with a digital image of the cover, so it is not hard to find great ones to use on your computer.

4. Bands. No matter what type of music you listen to, from country to heavy metal, you can be sure that your favorite bands probably took some professional press photos. These are used on websites, CD jackets, posters, shirts and the like. Band photos make such cool wallpapers because the bands often like to express their creativity in the photos as much as the music.

5. Scenes from space. If you thought that landscapes had a lot to offer, you will be blown away by scenes from space. These could be pictures taken by the Hubble telescope, for instance, of things that are not even possible to see with the naked eye. You will have a background right on your computer that almost everyone who sees your computer will never have looked at before. If you want to be unique, this will do it.

Scenes from Space

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