5 Fun Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos are continuing to increase in popularity throughout all generations of Americans. The reason? These tattoos can be easily hidden if professionally required, but they can also be used to represent individual taste and style. Whether you are considering adorning your feet with flower tattoos, anchor tattoos, or even graffiti font, you should know what to expect.

Tattoos upon the upper area of the feet can be extremely painful and cause extraordinary swelling. Further, if you are considering foot tattoos in the summer, remember that sun can damage the pigment; perhaps it would be better to wait until you are not basking in the summer sun. Finally, you may have heard that foot tattoos fade faster than those on other parts of the body.

While artists’ opinions differ, you should always care for your tattoos in the same way. Limit the amount of sun to which your tattoo is exposed by using sunscreen if you go outdoors. Further, be careful to let your tattoo heal fully before hitting the beach. Touch-ups on this part of the body can be painful, so it pays to invest the time and energy in keeping your tattoo bright and colorful from the get-go.

Now, let’s check out some fabulous designs that could inspire your future foot tattoos.

5 Fun Foot Tattoos

1. Get matching tattoos with your spouse or partner. This particular design includes anchor tattoos as well as foot tattoos. The theme is also carried over between feet, providing a fun design that could be expanded upon in the future.

Foot Tattoo1
Matching Tattoos

2. Go natural. These tattoo ideas for girls show the versatility of foot tattoos; not only can you incorporate script fonts, but you can also include bright colors that come from animals – or in this case, their plumage! This is a stylized tattoo that would be easy to cover with shoes, but would show off your personality as soon as you donned flip-flops.

Foot Tattoo2

Natural Tattoo

3. Be a sole rebel. This variation on the common foot tattoo involves choosing a design for the bottom of your foot. Admittedly, this is not the type of foot tattoo for the ticklish or those with low pain tolerances. Further, this would require special care in order to properly heal. Consult with your qualified artist before you commit to this unusual option.

Foot Tattoo3

Sole Rebel Tattoo

4. Take it inside. Among numerous other tattoo ideas for girls, this particular design seems to be overwhelmingly popular. Consider choosing your favorite love quotes or other statement to include on the inside arch of your foot. As you can see, it will beautifully accent your favorite shoes!

Foot Tattoo4

Quote Tattoo

5. Go bold. The top of your foot is a large, flat canvas that can accommodate a large tattoo design. Why not use the area to include a bright, colorful, customized tattoo? Both feet do not have to match, nor do both of your feet even have to be tattooed. One statement piece such as this, and you’ll be a star!

Foot Tattoo5

Bold Tattoo

As you can see, foot tattoos can be a great investment. Choose the perfect tattoo to fit your personal style!

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