5 Easy Nail Designs You Can Do on Your Own

You have seen the sassy nail designs of the stars on the red carpet. If those photos left you wishing you, too, could afford outrageous manicures and cute nail designs, you are in luck! Today, we are going to highlight some easy nail designs that can help take your outfit and appearance from drab to fab. Even better, these are options that you can do yourself, at home! Now, there is no need to spend loads of money to sport the most fabulous nails; consider these DIY options to amp up your style profile.

A Handful of 5 DIY Nail Ideas

1. Rad plaid is an easy DIY nail design that requires only a small craft brush and four bright colors of paint. This season is all about bright colors, so choose neon hues for the best impact! Nothing could be easier than painting four straight lines across your nails over a clear topcoat – no muss or fuss required.

Nail Design

Rad Plaid

2. Matted down nails are great if you are seeking a muted option for a classy event and are fine with considering using cornstarch to create a matte effect on your nails. The solution to overly shiny nails is incredibly simple; just add about a tablespoon of cornstarch to a few drops of topcoat and stir. Brush the mixture on quickly and use a light coat to achieve the intended effect. These easy nail designs provide subtle hues for professionals and students alike!

Nail Design2

Matted down

3. Easy ombre nails most definitely rock! The ombre fad is in, not only for hair and clothing, but now for nail designs, as well. If you are not familiar with ombre, it simply means that two colors fade into each other. In this design, we choose to fade from blue to black, but you could choose any hues. Warmer colors such as red and orange will fit well with the upcoming fall style profile. Further, you can create this easy nail design right at home. Simply paint the darker color around your nail bed in a “U” shape; then fill in the rest of your nail with a brighter color. You’ll be the talk of the town with these cute nail designs!

Nail Design3


4. Do you love chrome nails? Would you believe that you can actually achieve a true metallic design on your nails by using nail overlays from cosmetic stores? These fantastic new products provide texture and color unlike any other design options. Not only can you choose easy nail designs that bring the shine and shimmer; several pattern options also exist for those who might want to go wild with leopard print. These nail films are extraordinarily easy to apply in the comfort of your own home.

Nail Design4


5. When all else fails, go with permanent marker nails. With the wide variety of permanent markers available today, a wide array of cute nail designs can be achieved simply by drawing on your own artistic resources. Consider adding panache to your manicure by sketching hearts, lines, stars and other easy nail designs. Simply add a topcoat, and you’re good to go!

Nail Design5

Nail Pen Design

Your manicures don’t have to be overly expensive. In fact, with a few affordable items and the right “how to” guide, you, too, can enjoy DIY easy nail designs.

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