5 Cool Ways to Use an Infinity Symbol

An infinity symbol may have started out as just a way for people to talk about abstract numbers, but it is so much more than that now. It is a very unique symbol with nice, flowing lines and a design that people recognize as soon as they see it. On top of that, it really stands for something important, something that can be applied to a lot of different situations. Check out the awesome infinity symbol ideas below.


Infinity_Symbol (1)

If you have been trying to figure out how to use an infinity symbol, there are five different options listed below. Keep in mind that this is far from all that you can do with it, but this should be enough to get you a good start.

tattoo design
Infinity Tattoo Design

5 Cool Ways to Use an Infinity Symbol

1. As a computer background. You can create the art yourself, or you can find some of the cool backgrounds on the Internet and apply them to your personal computer. When the symbol is your background, you get to see it at least once every day, and perhaps much more.
computer background
Infinity Computer Background

2. As an engraving on your wedding ring. This is a very special way to use infinity symbols. It shows that your love for one another will never end, that it will stand for all time. Having it etched on the inside of your wedding rings is a subtle, personal way to make this commitment to one another.

3. As a new tattoo. You may also want to use the symbol as a tattoo. If you do this, it is going to be less about what it means and more about how it looks. There is a certain grace and artistic design to the symbol that you will love. It can fit in with your other tattoos, if you already have some, or it would be perfect as the first one that you have ever gotten.

4. As a decoration for your room. If you just like the way that it looks, why not print off a picture of one, frame it, and hang it on the wall? To get a more professional result, you could look for a painting of the symbol. This is a low-cost way to decorate your room, and you can choose any frame that you want.

5. As the outside of a homemade Valentine’s Day card. In many ways, using an infinity symbol on a card is the same as using it on your wedding ring. It shows how much you care and that your love is not going to die or fade away. Making the card yourself also makes you look good because it shows that you put some time and effort into it, rather than just buying one at the store on your way home from work that day.

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