4 Websites with Gorgeous Pictures of Roses

What can you do with pictures of roses? Almost anything. If you like roses, the following round up of the web’s best pictures of roses is just for you. Many of the images discussed here are available for printing or downloading for use at desktop backgrounds, to accent digital image projects or for use as a gorgeous element of greeting cards.

We also love to look at pictures of roses and have scoured the Internet on your behalf in an effort to locate outstanding examples of digital flora. Whether you like looking at pictures of roses or need some artwork to complement your artistic endeavors, you will enjoy these beautiful images.

Just Our Pictures of Roses


Just Our Pictures of Roses

At Just Our Pictures of Roses, you will find a garden of floral delight. With roses of all sizes, shapes and colors, there is something for everyone. You must pay a license fee to use most pictures, but they do offer a few free images, as well.

• The orange roses on this website are beautiful to behold and come with varietal name and class information
• Of course, you can find a plethora of red roses here, even hard to find examples
• You can also choose from white, yellow, pink and purple pictures of roses, too

Pictures of Roses at WeGraphics


Pictures of Roses at WeGraphics

This site offers just a few premium quality pictures of roses to use for your own projects. Choose from realistic or stylized hand drawn images.

• A set of ten vintage, hand-sketched roses on a linen-like background would look great in any design
• You can also get a set of six hand drawn pictures of roses in full color or in black and white tones
• Download a PSD source file to create your own ethereal image of roses and a skull

High Definition Pictures of Roses

High Definition Pictures of Roses
High Definition Pictures of Roses

Roses look best when you can see every detail in high definition. FreeWallpapers.net offers several HD pictures of roses for desktop wallpaper, but you can use them for projects as long as you check for usage restrictions.

• Download a stunning multi-colored rose in high definition
• Check out a wet rose where every single droplet is highly-detailed
• Choose a lovely pink rose in the early stages of blooming
• You can also select two rose buds so finely detailed you can see the veins in each petal

Pictures of Roses for Bouquets

Pictures of Roses for Bouquets
Pictures of Roses for Bouquets

The pictures of roses here can help you design bouquets for weddings, or you can use them for other forms of creative inspiration.


  • Choose from bouquets with attached vines for an outdoorsy look
  • Browse pictures of roses that feature crystal or pearl accents
  • Some wedding bouquets have deep red roses with pure white accents
  • Ribbons of green leaves are also popular as a bridal bouquet accent

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