4 Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

Ladies with curls: Pay attention. No longer must you suffer through the agonizing process of straightening your hair every morning for hours at a time. Imagine a life with fewer hair products, less time spent on your hair, and a flattering hairstyle that suits your face. With these short curly hairstyles, you can be the belle of the ball every day! Curls do not have to prevent you from getting a short and sassy ‘do; in fact, they can provide the perfect medium for an updated, professional look.

4 Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

1. Been to the beach? This platinum blonde cut is just messy enough to look perfect on a surfer, but it is polished enough to pass in the other kind of boardroom. In this case, the curly hair can be relaxed using a quick straightening process, or a chemical permanent can be applied. This is perfect for women whose hair is generally wavy instead of tightly curled.

platinum blond

Platinum Blond Cut

2. Super-short steampunk. For those who are looking for a more extreme short curly hairstyle, this steampunk-inspired cut is sure to impress. Not only does this look incorporate a bang to bring out your eyes, but it is also easy and fun to style in a multitude of ways. This woman’s hair is obviously quite curly, but she is able to achieve a stylish and modern appearance through a few simple techniques. Use a flat-iron on your bangs and a textured pomade to keep this short-short cut vibrant and vivacious all day long!

Short curly

Super-short Steampunk

3. Halle’s hot style. Halle Berry has been turning heads on the red carpet for decades with this svelte pixie cut. Although this style may look like a high-maintenance decision – after all, she is a celebrity with lots of time and a team of hair artists – it is actually quite easy to manage. Choose this style if you want to let your curly hair air-dry and only apply a small amount of light product. This option allows those who want a short curly hairstyle to maximize on the volume and luster of their natural waves.

svelte pixie cut

Svelte Pixie Cut

4. A funky afro. For those with tight ringlets full of volume and va-voom, this option can provide a refreshing spin on the 1970s iconic style. Remember, though, that your hair must be voluminous in order to support the size of the afro; hence, it is better for those with coarser hair and small curls. Today’s precision afro is styled specifically to fit the features of individual women’s faces, complementing square, round and oval-shaped features. Be sure that your afro is always well-hydrated with professional conditioning products.

Funky Afro1

Funky Afro

Whether your hair is wavy and fine or coarse and curly, a series of sassy short styles awaits at your local salon! Consult your stylist today to find out more about losing your locks in favor of a more modern – and manageable – option.

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