30 Mind-Blowing Boat Tattoos

A huge hit amongst sailors, beach lovers, and sea goers, boat tattoos provide luck to those in need of direction, and are often very unique pieces of art. Not only are there many different design options to choose from when it comes to boat tattoos, but there are also a lot of additional images that can be added into the design. While anchors, pirates, tidal waves, and whales are certainly the most commonly associated images, there are many others as well, including compasses, sharks, and shooting stars. In order to give you an idea of just how wonderful and unique these designs can be, we have compiled a list of 30 mind-blowing boat tattoos, sure to grab any sailors attention.

1. A Nice Colorless Boat Sleeve

A very well done arm sleeve with some birds, a compass, and a nice boat-related quote too.


Nice Colorless Boat Sleeve

2. A Meaningful Boat Leg Tattoo With Additional Imagery

Proven by the picture below, anchors, pirates, tidal waves, whales, sharks, shooting stars, and compasses aren’t the only images you can add into your boat tattoo. This one has a rather rare, yet very unique hot air balloon!


Meaningful Boat Leg Tattoo With Additional Imagery

3. A Few Sinking Ships

I would certainly hate to be on those boats.


A Few Sinking Ships

4. A Boat Steering Wheel

Commonly referred to as the helm, this circular steering wheel is usually connected to a hydraulic system. However, in some modern boats, it is said to be remote controlled.


Boat Steering Wheel

5. A Nice Colorless, Vintage Boat

A nice colorless, vintage boat, sailing off into the night.


Nice Colorless Vintage Boat

6. Watercolor Boat Arm Tattoo

Like most other tattoos, boats look great with watercolor.


Watercolor Boat Arm Tattoo

7. Traditional Boat Upper Arm Tattoo

It is cloudy, dark, and wavy, but the sun seems to be coming out!


Traditional Boat Upper Arm Tattoo

8. Full Boat Back Piece Tattoo

A very large ship, powering through the stormy weather.


Full Boat Back Piece Tattoo

9. Boat Helm and Anchor With Positive Quote

Proven by the picture below, ships don’t necessarily have to be in every boat tattoo.


Boat Helm and Anchor With Positive Quote

10. A Very Well Done Pirate Ship

Pirate ships truly are as beautiful as they are intimidating, even without any color.


Very Well Done Pirate Ship

11. A Tipping Boat

Looks like it is ready to fall!


A Tipping Boat

12. Birds and Quote Boat Tattoo

Some flying birds, and a very well known, positive boat-related quote – “sail on.”


Birds and Quote Boat Tattoo

13. Another Great Traditional Boat Tattoo

Thanks to their somewhat circular outline, traditional styled tattoos fit perfectly on the upper leg.


Another Great Traditional Boat Tattoo

14. A Boat and Compass To Guide The Way

Compasses are often found alongside boats, and also somewhat metaphoric. Moreover, they fit perfectly on your hand!


A Boat and Compass To Guide The Way

15. A Grey Ink Sailboat Tattoo

Simple and grey, yet very nice.


Grey Ink Sailboat Tattoo

16. A 3D Boat Tattoo With Compass

Certainly a great tattoo choice, especially if you have an entire rib cage to spare.


3D Boat Tattoo With Compass

17. Boat With Lighthouse In The Background

Though there is very little color, the tattoo still looks great.


Boat With Lighthouse In The Background

18. A Full Chest Piece Boat Tattoo

A very nice traditional styled chest piece boat tattoo.


Full Boat Chest Piece Tattoo

19. 3D Old School Boat

This very detailed old-school boat appears to almost be sailing right out of his arm!


3D Old-School Boat

20. Sea Storm Boat

Another ship powering through the rough waves. Most likely in memory of someone, considering the dates at the bottom.


Sea Storm Boat

21. A Colorful Boat, With A Nice Little Quote

Another quote, commonly used by boaters – “hold fast.”


Colorful Boat, With A Nice Little Quote

22. Small Sailboat

Proven by the image below, sometimes even the simplest designs look great.


Small Sailboat

23. Another Great Pirate Ship Tattoo

Colorful, bold, and very realistic.


Another Great Pirate Ship Tattoo

24. Boat Tattoo, With A Portrait For Women

Another piece of additional imagery not often found in boat tattoos, helping to make this tattoo very original.


Boat Tattoo, With A Portrait

25. Boat Being Attacked By An Octopus Mid-Storm

A very neat, but rather negative boat tattoo. What a horrible situation to be in..


Boat Being Attacked By An Octopus Mid-Storm

26. Another Great Boat Chest Piece Tattoo

Yet another great chest piece boat tattoo, accompanied this time by a rose.


Another Great Boat Tattoo Chest Piece

27. Full Arm Sleeve Boat Tattoo

An excellent arm sleeve tattoo with a lot of additional imagery.


Full Arm Sleeve Boat Tattoo

28. Boat In Glass With A Quote

Boats in glasses/bottles are actually one of the most commonly used boat tattoo designs. And to add some originality to this one, she even added a quote.


Boat In Glass With A Quote

29. A Boat Neck Tattoo

If you can withstand the pain of getting a neck tattoo, then this would certainly be a great choice.


Boat Neck Tattoo

30. Sailor Jerry

Considering the fact that sailor jerry tattoos incorporate mainly sea related objects, it should come as no surprise that boat tattoos look great whenever they are done in that style.


Sailor Jerry


Compiled above are 30 of the most mind-blowing boat tattoos we could find, aimed at not only showcasing some wonderful designs, but also proving the uniqueness of some tattoo artists. In addition to the incredible detail and originality that can be found in most of the above designs, there is also a lot of deep-rooted, metaphoric symbolism, such as powering through the storm and going against the current.

Whether you are a sailor yourself, or just interested in browsing through some different tattoo types, boat tattoos are certainly fun and interesting to look at.

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