30 Eye-Catching Deer Tattoos

Often worn by those who like to hunt, deer tattoos are very meaningful, usually symbolizing either virility or sexual prowess for males, and either gentleness or motherly love for women. 

Since deer tattoos have become so incredibly common over the years, they have been associated with many different symbols such as skulls, quotes, names, and dates. In order to showcase some of the different deer tattoo options and ideas for those looking to get one themselves, we have complied the following list. Below are 30 of the most eye-catching and visually pleasing deer tattoos that we could find.

1. This Traditional Deer Tattoo Design

The style of traditional is preferred by many people, and certainly looks great with deer tattoos.


Traditional Deer Tattoo Design

2. This Colorful Deer With An Owl

A rather uncommon dear tattoo, however, it this colorful masterpiece is great for those in relationships.


Colorful Deer With An Owl

3. A Deer With Flowers

Proven by the picture below, great deer tattoos don’t necessarily have to be filled in or even have any color in order to look good.


Deer With Flowers

4. This Deer With An Arrow Across It’s Antlers

Simple, yet stunning! While many deer tattoo designs have multiple arrows pointing out of the deer’s head (often worn by hunters, as you may have guessed), others have just one arrow, laying peacefully across the deer’s antlers.


Deer Tattoo With An Arrow Across It’s Antlers

5. A Deer Tattoo With A Quote Below It

A great way to make your deer tattoo design original, is by adding one of your favorite quotes.


Deer Tattoo With A Quote Below It

6. This Deer, Which Seems To Be Growing Out Of The Ground

Not sure of the exact meaning on this, however, I’m sure it is meaningful.


Deer, Which Seems To Be Growing Out Of The Ground

7. Deer In The Woods

For obvious reasons, deer in the woods tattoos are most commonly seen on those who like to hunt.


Deer In The Woods

8. Half Deer, and Half Eagle!

Both rather common, deers and eagles look great as back pieces. And fortunately, if you can’t quite make up your mind on which one to get, you can always just combine the two of them.


Half Deer, Half Eagle!

9. A Great Deer Tattoo For Women

Though deer tattoos are mostly worn by men, they look great on women too!


Great Deer Tattoo For Women

10. This Watercolor Deer Tattoo Design

For men ok with having the color pink on them, and for women in love with deers, water color deer tattoo designs are certainly a great choice.


Watercolor Deer Tattoo Design

11. This Geometric Deer Tattoo Design

Geometric deer tattoo designs are somewhat simplistic and rarely require color or additional imagery to go along with them.


Geometric Deer Tattoo Design

12. The Running Deer

Though the ribs are a painful place to get tattooed, running deer tattoos look great and fit perfectly on them.


Running Deer Tattoo

13. Pop Color Deer Tattoo

Similar to watercolor tattoos in many ways, yet slightly more detailed and defined, pop color tattoos really stick out well, and look great with deer. Thank God real deer aren’t pop colored, they would get shot in no time!


Pop Color Deer Tattoo

14. Deer With Branch-like Antlers

A great way to make your design vary slightly from regular deer tattoos, is by incorporating branch-like antlers.


Deer With Branch-like Antlers

15. This Incredibly Intricate Deer Tattoo Design

Very original, and extremely well done.


Incredibly Intricate Deer Tattoo Design

16. Another Great Watercolor Deer Tattoo

Watercolor deer tattoos, they never cease to amaze!


Another Great Watercolor Deer Tattoo

17. This Tribal-Style Deer Tattoo Design

For those who prefer deers, as well as the tribal tattooing style.


Tribal-Style Deer Tattoo Design

18. A Deer and It’s Fawn

Another deer tattoo that is great for couples!


A Deer and It’s Fawn

19. Two Deer Battling Each Other

Two deer going head-to-head, right across your chest.


Two Deer Battling Each Other

20. Bambi!

Though the meaning may differ slightly from that of a real deer tattoo, the Bambi design still looks great and is worn by many people (mainly women).



21. A Deer and It’s Partner

Matching deer tattoos!


A Deer and It’s Partner

22. This 3D Deer Tattoo Design

The deer himself doesn’t look to great, but the tattoo came out very well.


3D Deer Tattoo Design

23. Deer Skull With Antlers

Rather common amongst men and horror fans, creepy deer skull tattoos are a great way to spook your friends.


Dear Skull With Antlers

24. A Rather Colorful Deer

Another very colorful and vivid deer.


A Rather Colorful Deer

25. The Horrifying, Three-Headed Deer

Fire above and roses below.


The Horrifying Three-Headed Deer

26. Another Awesome Geometric Deer

No color needed. This geometric deer tattoo resembles, in some aspects, day of the dead.


Another Great Geometric Deer Tattoo

27. Part Deer, Part Tree

Another great way to add originality to your deer tattoo. As opposed to just having branch-like antlers, have the entire outline be of a deer, and the entire body be of a tree.


Part Deer, Part Tree

28. A Deer Finger Tattoo

For those ok with hand and finger tattoos.


Deer Finger Tattoo

29. Another Deer With Birds In The Background

If you don’t want to directly incorporate birds or have your deer be part eagle like one of the tattoos above, you can always have them flying discreetly in the background.


Deer With Birds In The Background

30. Deer In Leaf

Deer silhouettes are another great option, and just happen to look great inside leaf shaped outlines.


Deer In Leaf

Whether you are a hunter yourself, or just someone who likes deer, the eye-catching tattoo designs above should certainly be of interest. In addition to making clear the overall beauty of deer tattoos, the list should also give you some great ideas for a deer tattoo of your own.

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