25 Fresh Illustrator Tutorials to Help You Make Icons

Being a designer, you must have got queries from your clients regarding Icon designing. But some of you may not be sure how to proceed further to accomplish the project as you have never tried your hands on it. Today we have complied some Awesome Adobe Illustrator Icon Tutorials to clarify your doubts regarding Icons, how to start from scratch and we have also covered the advanced level tutorials for experts.

Create A Simple Paint Brush Icon

Here you can learn to create a quite simple paintbrush icon. For this fast tutorial you’ll use some basic tools like the Rectangle Tool, the Ellipse Tool or the Pen Tool. Then, for some neat effects you’ll need the Wrinkle Tool or the Warp and Rougher effects.

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How to Illustrate a Marvelous Violin Icon

If you want to learn how to create a marvelous violin icon, then we have an awesome tutorial for you. This tutorial covers how basic shapes and a solid understanding of perspective and volume work together to quickly build a successful icon.

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Wizard Icon Tutorial with Illustrator

The word “wizard” has its root on concepts like wisdom and guidance. Most probably that´s the reason why those helping user interface elements, the assistants, are also called wizards and are represented by default with a wizard’s hat and wand icon.

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Create a Tasty Burger Icon in Illustrator

In this delicious tutorial author’ll show you how to create a three-dimensional, scrumptious burger using Adobe Illustrator. Remember that author is a vegetarian, so you should definitely appreciate the effort!

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Create A Briefcase Icon

In this tutorial, author will show you how to create a briefcase icon with rectangles, ellipses, and gradients. This briefcase icon is great for web designs and user interfaces. Moreover, you can easily apply these techniques to other icons, logos, and illustrations.

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How to Draw the Vector Style Icons Used in the “Station Fixes” Template

Author’ll show you how to create a vector error icon using Adobe Illustrator. This icon was created for use in the Station Fixes Template.

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How to Make a Realistic News / Newspaper Icon

In this intermediate-advanced illustrator tutorial, we’ll learn how to make a 3D newspaper icon in Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial is based on the news icon in my Formida icon set, and was made in CS3.

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Create an Arrow Through a Heart Icon

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d bring you something with a similar theme. In this tutorial we are going to create a vector/icon heart with an arrow going through it, using Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial will teach you to take simple shapes and use them to create more complex objects, as well as several other techniques.

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How To Create A Slick IPod Icon Using Illustrator

A great little illustrator tutorial form Creative Nerds, which shows you how to create an iPod icon using illustrator. The perfect tutorials for beginners learning their way around illustrator simply because the whole iPod is created using only basic default illustrator shapes.

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Making Glossy Button in Illustrator

This tutorial is about creating glossy button using Illustrator.

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Windows 7 Icon with Illustrator

In this tutorial we will use Adobe Illustrator CS4 to create the music icon of the Windows 7 style.

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Create a Documents Icon

In this tutorial you’ll learn to create a pretty common icon. To reach this result you need to know how to use the Rectangle Tool, the Pen Tool or the Type Tool. The Drop Shadow, the Warp effects or the Clipping Mask will help you create some discrete details.

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Create a Simple Paperclip Icon

This is a really fast tutorial. In only seven steps you’ll learn to make a paperclip icon. You will only need the Rounded Rectangle Tool, the Direct Selection Tool and the Gradient Tool. Also you might learn some basic stuff about working with grids and strokes.

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Create a Stylized First Aid Icon in Illustrator

In this tutorial we’ll use a combination of craft and Illustrator’s 3D tools to create a first aid icon. You can use the techniques you learn in this tutorial to create realistic rounded box icons of your choice. This works well for complex icons at large sizes and scales down nicely.

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Create a Laptop Icon

In the following tutorial you can learn to create a laptop icon. Once you’ve created the basic shapes, it’s easy to continue with the other components. Give it a try and you might learn some interesting stuff about the role of Smart Guides and Rectangular Grid Tool.

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Design a Stylish Wallet Icon in Illustrator

In this simple tutorial I’ll show you how to create the wallet icon from my Women’s Icons using Adobe Illustrator CS4.

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Create a Classic Calendar Icon

In this tutorial you’ll learn to create a classic calendar icon. It’s a pretty simple and fast tutorial. You only need to know how to use the basic tools and some effects like the Inner Glow, the Drop Shadow, the Transform effect, the Rounded Corners effect or the Warp effect.

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How to Create a Shiny Bucket Icon

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a realistic vector bucket icon. You will learn to use the 3D Revolve function, how to add realistic light effects and how to draw different objects to form a composition.

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Create a Simple LCD Monitor Icon

In this tutorial you’ll learn to create a simple lcd monitor icon. It’s a pretty simple tutorial that might help you understand some basic effects like the clipping mask or the offset path. Also you can learn some stuff about multiple fills and strokes and about alignment.

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The Making of GUI Design Icons Font

Icons are inseparable part of a GUI (graphical user interfaces) design. I was downloading, buying and creating icons for ages, then one day I decided to make my own usable icon set. Something to help other GUI designers make work faster and better.

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Create the Volkswagen Logo

In the following tutorial you will learn to create the Volkswagen logo. You’ll only need some simple circles, gradients, strokes and some basic effects. You might face some problems with the letter shapes but the grid and the snap to grid will simplify your work.

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Creating a Money Roll Icon

Cash-in when you follow this tutorial for creating accurate and logical reflections. Author’ll cover how to use shading and masking to create an illustration that’s worth the look.

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Create a Simple Storefront Icon

In this tutorial author will show you how to create a simple storefront icon using some rectangles, Illustrator Effects, and gradients. This icon is great for use in e-commerce sites and the techniques in this tutorial can easily be applied to other icons, illustrations, and logos.

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